Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 47: Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did!

Christmas Eve we spent with one of our investigators, and helped make
pies. That was super fun! We got to talk to her more about the gospel,
and her verses having the lessons focused on the kids. We went over to
a recent convert's house, and of course she had food for us. She
always has food! It was so good. It was this this fancy Mexican soup
that they make for parties. I sure do love me some homemade Mexican
food! She was also very kind, and got each of us sweaters, blankets,
and some candy. We then go to our actual dinner appointment with the
Mueller's. (Brother Mueller is the ward mission leader). They had
their children, and grandkids over. Good food, good company, and a
good spirit. The kids even preformed the nativity for us. I was even
recruited as a last minute wise man. Then we got to open presents! I
really enjoyed seeing the kids, and how excited they were. They even
had presents for us! We got some body stuff, and an electric handheld
massager, and some more candy. It was super sweet! Then after that we
went caroling with the sisters in our zone. It was so wonderful! This
one lady saw us from the window, and she clapped, and jumped for joy
she was so happy to see us. That is how we ended our night. Then we
went home, and opened Christmas Eve pajamas!

Christmas Eve gift

Christmas Eve gift

For Sister Slattery too!

 That night I had a dream that we were opening presents, and I kept
waking up every hour to see if it was time to get up. Finally my
companion got up at 6 to use the bathroom. When she came in I asked
her if she wanted to open Christmas presents now. She said yes, so we
did! It was so much fun! Thank you to all who sent me presents, and
were thinking of me this Christmas season. It really means a lot. Then
began the house hopping. I can not tell you how much food I ate. I
paced myself very well I thought. There was no way to prepare for how
much food.

The Mueller's

Stockings and treats
Santa brought me an ipad case with keyboard

A new scripture case.

The Infinite Atonement.  Read it!

Favorite lotion

 Then finally, I got to Skype home! Great Grandma Frances was even
there! It was so good to see my family. They still really do exist!
That is how I spent my Christmas. I am grateful for the opportunity to
serve my God at this Christmas season. Christ, He's the reason for the
season! I have loved reading in this month's ensign the article Be At
Peace by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. It has a really good analogy of
being warmed by the fire. Of just being with the Savior, and let His
love warm you. Y'all should read it!
It snowed last night!!

Thank you all for everything! I love, and miss you all. I especially
loved reading all the notes, and cards from everyone.

Much love,
Sister Slattery

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