Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 34: Where does the time go?

I mean really where does it go? I look back at each day, each week,
each month and wonder why does time go by so quickly.
As I am typing this email to you today I am having a really hard time
thinking back on what to share with you all. I do have one really
funny story, and that is about it.

At the beginning of this week we had found two new people. We were so
excited for the next appointment! It was this elderly guy and his 16
year old daughter. He is a war vet, and had many stories of when God
had answered his prayers. We left with them two copies of the Book of
Mormon. Anyway, we get our member, and we go back for our next visit.
We get up to the door, and we see in a clear bag the books, and a note
inside. The note reads as such: not enter resetted thank you. Talk
about a good game of mad gab! Haha we were standing there trying to
figure out what it meant. They were not interested just so you all
know haha. That was a good giggle.

I also got to use some Spanish this past week! One of our recent
converts is hispanic, and taught me how to introduce us in Spanish.
That was pretty cool. Nothing came of it though.

We have been trying to walk as of late. The only problem is that when
we are out the people aren't. That is okay I guess, the weather is so
nice, and the trees are turning beautiful colors. Sister Mandin is so
silly! She will collect the different leaves, and press them in her
preach my gospel book. Then she sends them to people.

This week I have been studying how the Book of Mormon and the Bible
support each other. I really like the scriptures Ezekiel 37:16-17 1
 Nephi 13:34-41, 2 Nephi 3:12 and Isaiah 29:11-14.
I know that God has provided for us scriptures that teach us about the
doctrine of Christ. I testify  to you the truthfulness of the Book of
Mormon. It does support the Bible. It testifies that Jesus is the
Christ. If you have not read it, I invite you to do so. It does not
matter what I say. I could preach to you until I am blue in the face,
and it still won't mean a thing. Read it,and ask God! I promise he
will answer if you have faith in Christ, a sincere heart, and with
real intent. Meaning you are willing to act upon the answer that God
gives you. I will not deny this truth.

I have finally met people who look at anti Mormon websites. Haha! It
makes me laugh some of the things that are clearly false doctrine, and
frustrated that he doesn't have time to read the Book of Mormon, but
has plenty of time to look stuff up on the internet. Didn't you know
everything on the internet is true? The only reason we keep going back
is because he and his wife really do have real intent. They want to
know if there is something else God has in store for them.

Something fun that happened this week was President Taylor's birthday!
He celebrated with the Portland, and Gresham zones. His children, and
their families flew into town for a couple of days. I got to meet his
daughter who lived in Casper. She was nice.

I hope you all are having fun in the land of endless p days! Thanks
for reading. Until next p day..
Sister Slattery

Sister Missionaries...

Sister Mandin serenading the world!

Larger than life? 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 33: Just Pictures This Week

Being a missionary.

Our cat friend.

It's starting to get chilly, Sister Mandin is prepared.

Looking for something?  Let us share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with you!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 32: Eveyone Knows Lisa Ellsworth

Okay so other crazy connection to Lisa. Sister Mandin's dad served his
mission in Nashville Tennessee. One of his companion's lives here in
our stake. His wife Teresa has a sister. Guess who that sister is. Yep
it is Lisa! Life is just so small, then it gets even smaller when you
have all of these church ties.

This week was so long, and it seemed like everything happened all at
the beginning. We first had interviews with President Taylor! What a
great guy, I love him and his wife so much! Then after that we had an
appointment with one of our investigators. We committed her to baptism
October 10th! Such a sweet lady. I am so excited for her. I'm also
grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted us with her. When we go over
the Spirit is so strong. We taught her the plan of salvation, and
about how families are eternal. After we finish with a prayer she was
telling us how she was meeting with other missionaries, but didn't
agree with what they were saying. I then asked her if she could share
with us what the difference between us, and the other missionaries.
She paused, and got emotional, and said because she knew what we were
saying was true. We then all start crying like sister missionaries do.
Wow! My mind was blown! When she said that I had a witness from the
Holy Ghost that it is true. I love how many different people I have
met just add to my testimony of Christ, and his gospel.
We are also meeting with this other couple. He has a lot of questions.
I am still learning to rein in all the different side tangents in
lessons. Thank heavens for member missionaries! They are super sweet
as well.

Our washer broke again. Luckily I have plenty of clothes to last me
two or so weeks. I'm also grateful for Bishop's wife letting us use
her washer. 😀

My companion is doing better. Today is the first day without crutches.
We shall see how she feels by the end of the day. Funny story! We were
walking. I was I front of her, and her crutch got my shoe. Then I look
back, and she is on the floor. Of course there were a few witnesses. I
asked if she was okay. All she said was. "How could you do this to me
sister?" Then I start busting up laughing haha! She took a a mighty
This other time.. She was elevating her foot, and I was putting the
ice pack on it. Well she screamed out in pain! I gasp, and was worried
I really did hurt her. Then she's all I'm just kidding. I was so mad!
She could tell too. I wind up to hit her, but I just lightly tapped
her. Sister Mandin said if looks could kill all of Oregon would be
dead. I am sitting in he chair giving her the silent treatment when
all the while she is apologizing. All I could say was as long as
you're okay.  I eventually got over it. It was scary though. I thought
I did hurt her, but turns out I didn't. Looking back it was a pretty
funny moment.

We are not getting transferred! It was a possibility that Sister Mandin would
have been training, but nope! I am so glad that I get to spend another
transfer with her. She is the best! I already have a Canadian accent
when I say certain words. We matched our outfits on Sunday. That was
fun, and we got a lot of complements. Haha.

Well as of right now I can not think of anything else pressing on my
mind to tell you all. Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Slattery


Tracking on crutches.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 31: The Lord Does Provide

Well for those of you who do not know my companion sprained her ankle
last Saturday. We went to the urgent care. They gave her crutches and
an air cast. Our mobility for this past week has not been very good.
She progressively has gotten more swollen. We had to do some exchanges
with members where Sister Mandin hangs out with a member, and I go out
with another member, and do missionary work. Otherwise we just stayed
inside the apartment.

This past Saturday we had a zone breakfast at the stake president's
house. It turns out that he is a doctor. He looked at Sister Mandin's
foot, and said that she sprained her foot worse than her ankle. Poor
girl! He said that if it does not improve within the week that we
needed to call him. Let's pray that she does get better! This has been
a great learning opportunity for me to exercise my patience even more
for the area, and to serve my companion.

Even when we spend the majority part of the week inside we managed to
find four people to teach! They are couples, and they are so nice!
Hopefully we will be effective instruments in the Lord's hands to
bring them closer to the Savior. One thing I have learned on my
mission is that being a successful missionary is not measured by
numbers. If I am able to help any person in anyway I can, I know I am
in the service of my God.

Also funny way that Heavenly Father looks out for his children..
Sister Mandin and I didn't have a lot of groceries left in the apartment, and
not enough money to get some. (This is all at the end of the month).
Somehow we didn't go without! Members are awesome! They would call us,
and offer us food. Always in the strangest food combinations. Example:
do you sisters like peaches and corn?... Haha we were so confused if
they ate them together or what, but they were separate don't worry. Or
another time we get a call and we are asked if we like tomatoes and
pound cake. Haha yeah we ate weird combinations, but the Lord
provides! Another example I can think of is when we were making
dinner. Again, we didn't have a lot in the kitchen. I found frozen
veggies, and I had half a cup of rice. There was no way that that
little amount of rice could have fed us both, but it is what we had.
Long story short we ended up with left overs! I feel like this was one
of those pioneer miracles you hear about.

For those back home I do not know all that read this, but it is my
testimony that God loves us. Look up Mathew 7:7-11
I love you all, and I hope you have the best week ever! Remember to
look for those tender mercies that happen everyday

The Gresham Zone.
I am serving with Elder Mohler (behind me to my left) from the Lynbrook Ward in my Stake!

Sister Mandin sharing a laugh with this little cutie.


A little cookie love from home.

Week 30: Sister Mandin gets injured

Not a lot happened this week. Sister Mandin and I had a day where we learned to recognize, and act on promptings. That's  cool. Also Sister Mandin  hurt her ankle Saturday morning doing jump rope, so we have been inside for the past two days. It was really nice long days, but at the same time I got all antsy. She has a kankle, and it is bruised. We called the mission nurse, and she just said to keep it wrapped up, and stay off of it as much as possible. 
I am currently eating take out 😀 we are having a pot lock at the park today. We each bring something starting with the letter of our last name. I am bringing sprite. 

I can't believe August is gone! I will have been gone for 7 months on the 4th. That is crazy to me. Now time seems to be at a stand point. I think because I killed a companion, and I need to get back into the grove of things. Plus not helping that the area is slow at the moment. That is okay because next thing I know it will be on fire! Just frustrating because I want Sister  Mandin to have same cool finding, teaching and baptizing experience that I had. 
Oh hey! Totally forgot about zone conference happened this week! President Taylor gave an excellent sermon about repentance. I am learning a lot about the doctrine of Christ.
Our booth at a ice cream social.

Silly pictures from P-Day, because we hadn't taken any all week.

Sister Mandin is hurt!

Week 29 Ape Caves

Hey everyone!

 No weekly email today. Brother Sharp took us four to the ape
caves today. It was super intense, and fun! I am alive, and doing
well. Hanging out with the Sharp's now. Love you guys lots!

All ready.
Sister Stromness & Sister Kroener

Always making faces for the camera.

Brother Sharp and us!
Because we are the cutest Sister missionaries ever.

Week 28 Teaching on the Fly

Hey everybody!
 This week was a good week.
Really the highlight was yesterday after sacrament the Sunday school
 President came up to us, and asked us if we would teach. Well of
course because we are the missionaries! I have learned, that when you
do not know what to teach, teach the Atonement. The Atonement is just
a big word for the three major events that Christ preformed. He
suffered in the garden of Gethsemane, his death, and resurrection. For
those of you who are unfamiliar with the word Atonement.
Let's just say I am glad I am not 16 anymore.. They were a talkative
bunch! Luckily I have learned the art of redirecting the conversation.
Haha one time in a lesson we got off topic, and for some reason we're
talking about facial hair, and, so to get back on topic I said Jesus
had a beard... Then I kept going about the lesson. Haha super funny.
Maybe it was a had to be there moment...

Not much to report back this week. Going to the stake center, and
playing mafia with the zone today. That should be fun.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Three "generations" of missionaries!