Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 30: Sister Mandin gets injured

Not a lot happened this week. Sister Mandin and I had a day where we learned to recognize, and act on promptings. That's  cool. Also Sister Mandin  hurt her ankle Saturday morning doing jump rope, so we have been inside for the past two days. It was really nice long days, but at the same time I got all antsy. She has a kankle, and it is bruised. We called the mission nurse, and she just said to keep it wrapped up, and stay off of it as much as possible. 
I am currently eating take out 😀 we are having a pot lock at the park today. We each bring something starting with the letter of our last name. I am bringing sprite. 

I can't believe August is gone! I will have been gone for 7 months on the 4th. That is crazy to me. Now time seems to be at a stand point. I think because I killed a companion, and I need to get back into the grove of things. Plus not helping that the area is slow at the moment. That is okay because next thing I know it will be on fire! Just frustrating because I want Sister  Mandin to have same cool finding, teaching and baptizing experience that I had. 
Oh hey! Totally forgot about zone conference happened this week! President Taylor gave an excellent sermon about repentance. I am learning a lot about the doctrine of Christ.
Our booth at a ice cream social.

Silly pictures from P-Day, because we hadn't taken any all week.

Sister Mandin is hurt!

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