Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 31: The Lord Does Provide

Well for those of you who do not know my companion sprained her ankle
last Saturday. We went to the urgent care. They gave her crutches and
an air cast. Our mobility for this past week has not been very good.
She progressively has gotten more swollen. We had to do some exchanges
with members where Sister Mandin hangs out with a member, and I go out
with another member, and do missionary work. Otherwise we just stayed
inside the apartment.

This past Saturday we had a zone breakfast at the stake president's
house. It turns out that he is a doctor. He looked at Sister Mandin's
foot, and said that she sprained her foot worse than her ankle. Poor
girl! He said that if it does not improve within the week that we
needed to call him. Let's pray that she does get better! This has been
a great learning opportunity for me to exercise my patience even more
for the area, and to serve my companion.

Even when we spend the majority part of the week inside we managed to
find four people to teach! They are couples, and they are so nice!
Hopefully we will be effective instruments in the Lord's hands to
bring them closer to the Savior. One thing I have learned on my
mission is that being a successful missionary is not measured by
numbers. If I am able to help any person in anyway I can, I know I am
in the service of my God.

Also funny way that Heavenly Father looks out for his children..
Sister Mandin and I didn't have a lot of groceries left in the apartment, and
not enough money to get some. (This is all at the end of the month).
Somehow we didn't go without! Members are awesome! They would call us,
and offer us food. Always in the strangest food combinations. Example:
do you sisters like peaches and corn?... Haha we were so confused if
they ate them together or what, but they were separate don't worry. Or
another time we get a call and we are asked if we like tomatoes and
pound cake. Haha yeah we ate weird combinations, but the Lord
provides! Another example I can think of is when we were making
dinner. Again, we didn't have a lot in the kitchen. I found frozen
veggies, and I had half a cup of rice. There was no way that that
little amount of rice could have fed us both, but it is what we had.
Long story short we ended up with left overs! I feel like this was one
of those pioneer miracles you hear about.

For those back home I do not know all that read this, but it is my
testimony that God loves us. Look up Mathew 7:7-11
I love you all, and I hope you have the best week ever! Remember to
look for those tender mercies that happen everyday

The Gresham Zone.
I am serving with Elder Mohler (behind me to my left) from the Lynbrook Ward in my Stake!

Sister Mandin sharing a laugh with this little cutie.


A little cookie love from home.

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