Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 21: Transfer week

Let me start off my story on last Tuesday. This is the last full day
with Sister LeDoux. It was so much fun! We went out to lunch, and
talked to a bunch of people. The last lesson we had was with Wanda and
Latisha. In that moment it really hit me that I was leaving! I just
started to cry.. They were so sweet. We just had a testimony meeting.
The spirit was so strong when they bore their testimony to me. I am so
privileged that I got to be their missionary. Sister LeDoux threw my
quote back into my face. She said that she was so impressed that I
made my growth zone into a comfort zone, and that meant I had to
leave. I asked her why was I crying. She told me that this is the
place where I have grown spiritually. Of course it will be hard to

I am just glad that all of my stuff fit back into my suitcases. Good
thing they didn't  have to weigh 50 pounds or less haha. Transfer
meeting was good. This was the transfer where we are losing
missionaries because of the new Yakima mission. After the meeting I
loaded my stuff into a big trailer, and hopped into a big missionary
van, and off I went. My new companion, Sister Depew was waiting for me
in Portland. Sister Olsen (I lived with her in St. Helens) lives in my
new apartment! I love that girl. She is so fun, and an excellent

The most craziest thing Sister Depew, and I figured out!!! I was
telling a member that I have family up here somewhere, and I said the
name Lybbert. Sister Depew looks at me, and says Lybbert, like from
Canada? I said yes. She said that she had family that are Lybberts.
Well we looked and sure enough we are fourth cousins once removed! Our
ancestor we have in common is Christian Fredrick Lybbert. He joined
the church in the early beginning. He emigrated over from Denmark, and
later served a mission in Holland. I bet it didn't even cross his mind
that his something great granddaughters  would one day serve in the
same mission, let alone be companions. How cool is that? God doesn't
do random.

The area is much bigger than St. Helens. Kind weird we live outside of
our area. The ward here is so small. I have plans to change that! I am
excited to work in this part of the vineyard. Oh P.S. This is Sister
Depew's last transfer before she goes home. The missionary slang is
that I am her companion that will be killing her off. We plan on
making this a great last 6 weeks to finish off her mission!
Have a great week everyone!
Sister Slattery

Me & Sister DePew


Coolest mini van ever!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 20: I'm being transferred.....

That's right I am leaving St. Helens and going to Gresham. It is
suburb outside of Portland. I will be in the Columbia ward and Sister Depew will be my new companion. I am excited to go. I just do not want to leave my people! Plus that means I have to pack. I sent a box home before I started packing. You would think that everything will fit. I
know it will fit, I am just not a great packer like my mom. Plus this
time I have my bedding that was shipped in a box the first time, so
now I have to figure a way to squish that in there. I feel like I am
being uprooted! It will be good. I will go, and be an instrument in
the Lord's hands. I know there are people being prepared in Gresham
right now to hear the gospel.

This week with Sister Ledoux was so much fun! We have been walking a
lot still, but I have gotten used to it, and on the plus side I have a
really awesome tan. Haha! I can not even imagine what people must
think when they see us two walking. We are singing, and we have shadow
wars, and we kick rocks, and probably on the outside looks like we are
just beating each other up. I also lost my name tag. Neither me or
Ledoux noticed until after we are at dinner, and I do not have a name
tag. I have no hope of finding it. Luckily I have another one, and I
can order more.

Earlier this week we went to a zone conference, and we got the tiwi
boxes. (car babysitting boxes) I was so nervous I drove five under the
speed limit the whole way home. Well anyway later that day sister
Ledoux finally got her birthday package, and she opened it in the car.
Well there are stars in her box. Well we have this star fight in the
car. Stars, stars everywhere. THEN we are home, and she puts the left
overs all over my bed. For the whole week, we have just been finding
stars in obscure places.

I love Sister LeDoux. I guess when we have a good thing going it only
lasts a transfer. Sister LeDoux will be staying in St. Helens, and
training, and training a new missionary. Sister Richter is also
staying and training. Sister Nielsen is white washing AND training.
Which means she is getting a new area with a companion that does not
know the area either.

Today we are having a bbq at the Thomas's. Lots of games. Makes me
think of an English tea party. I love you all! Hope you have a great
Sister Slattery

The Rainier Zone

Stars in the car...

Portland Temple

People in Oregon have the weirdest yard art!

Lounging around.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 19: Baptism #3, Snakes and Hula Hooping

Kiara got baptized on Saturday! It was so amazing. The room was so
filled we had to pull down extra chairs. Sister Forsyth and her
companion came, the other Sisters had an investigator come, plus the
 Elders came. Her husband's family is so big. They are the family that
everyone knows because there are so many in a small town. We did have
to stall the baptism a little while because not all the family was
there, so our Bishop had all eight of us missionaries bear our
testimonies. It was wonderful. Kiara did have to get dunked twice
haha. Then Sister LeDoux and I taught the restoration while Kiara was
changing into dry clothes. The other Sisters said that their
investigator really liked it, and is excited to meet with them again.
I should back up to before all this is happening. We get to the church
early to set up, and Kiara and her husband show up early as well. Well
long story short we needed to get her a shirt that had cap sleeves.
She is about my size, and the apartment where we live is close to the
church. Sister LeDoux and I cut through this little field to our
apartment, grab a shirt, and head back over. Well it has been hot, so
that means that the snakes are out. This tiny garden snake crosses
right in front on me! I screamed! My companion was like what, are you
okay? She of course didn't see it because it slithered away. It was

That same day Sister LeDoux had a baptism to go to in her old area. We
had permission for her to go with a member, so I could stay and go to
the ward luau because it's a great missionary opportunity, so I was in
a trio with the other sisters. Well long story short one ward member
wanted me to go up, and participate in the hula hoop competition. I
was making every excuse not to do it. I was like I do not think it is
approved. I do not think my district leader would approve, so what
does he do? Goes over to my district leader, and asks. Well the DL was
all for that. Then the Bishop announces that the Sisters will be hula
hooping. Well if the Sisters were going down, the Elders were coming
with us. Haha it was so much fun! Then a ward member took a video, and
sent to my mom I think haha! That was fun. Plus we won, and got

Currently trying to learn coup. It is an Elder card game....

Love you all!
Sister Slattery
Portland Temple

Sister Slattery, Kiara, Sister LaDoux

Baptism Day

Sister LaDoux cleaning out the car.

Week 18: The Spider Slayer

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 17: Walking, walking and more walking

Guess what I did this week? You betcha I was walking! Which is good.
My companion and I are making ourselves available to God. We can not
really talk to people if we are trapped in a car. We need to be out
talking to people. Well we meet a lot of interesting people! We met
one guy who believes in aliens not God. Didn't you know? They have a
whole program about it on the history channel.
One day we got preached at twice. In one day. We were hot, late, and
discouraged, so we went to McDonalds before we headed home. Haha funny
because earlier that morning we decided we would eat out less.

You just never know what you will see when you are out walking.

Let me fix your hair for you.

On Saturday we went to a mission conference where Elder Nielsen of the
70's came, and talked to us. We talked about the atonement. We talked
about how we should pray for strength in our trials. We should apply
the enabling power of the atonement. We talked about how we think we
are most happy when we have no trials, and all we have to do is sit,
and do nothing. We came here to be tested. Why do we always freak out
when we get a trial? I have learned to pray for strength, and the
ability to endure. Example: my feet. They are blistered, and they
hurt. I know that walking is something that I have to do. I prayed
that my feet could be made strong. Well that whole day they were fine!
I made the whole day. Not without discomfort, but with relief.

Sorry this email is is scattered.

 Until next week
Sister Slattery

Hello friends!

The new Goonies?
More walking...