Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 19: Baptism #3, Snakes and Hula Hooping

Kiara got baptized on Saturday! It was so amazing. The room was so
filled we had to pull down extra chairs. Sister Forsyth and her
companion came, the other Sisters had an investigator come, plus the
 Elders came. Her husband's family is so big. They are the family that
everyone knows because there are so many in a small town. We did have
to stall the baptism a little while because not all the family was
there, so our Bishop had all eight of us missionaries bear our
testimonies. It was wonderful. Kiara did have to get dunked twice
haha. Then Sister LeDoux and I taught the restoration while Kiara was
changing into dry clothes. The other Sisters said that their
investigator really liked it, and is excited to meet with them again.
I should back up to before all this is happening. We get to the church
early to set up, and Kiara and her husband show up early as well. Well
long story short we needed to get her a shirt that had cap sleeves.
She is about my size, and the apartment where we live is close to the
church. Sister LeDoux and I cut through this little field to our
apartment, grab a shirt, and head back over. Well it has been hot, so
that means that the snakes are out. This tiny garden snake crosses
right in front on me! I screamed! My companion was like what, are you
okay? She of course didn't see it because it slithered away. It was

That same day Sister LeDoux had a baptism to go to in her old area. We
had permission for her to go with a member, so I could stay and go to
the ward luau because it's a great missionary opportunity, so I was in
a trio with the other sisters. Well long story short one ward member
wanted me to go up, and participate in the hula hoop competition. I
was making every excuse not to do it. I was like I do not think it is
approved. I do not think my district leader would approve, so what
does he do? Goes over to my district leader, and asks. Well the DL was
all for that. Then the Bishop announces that the Sisters will be hula
hooping. Well if the Sisters were going down, the Elders were coming
with us. Haha it was so much fun! Then a ward member took a video, and
sent to my mom I think haha! That was fun. Plus we won, and got

Currently trying to learn coup. It is an Elder card game....

Love you all!
Sister Slattery
Portland Temple

Sister Slattery, Kiara, Sister LaDoux

Baptism Day

Sister LaDoux cleaning out the car.

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