Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 16: Habitat for Humanity

Oh boy howdy what a great week.
I would like to start off this letter with the service event of Saturday.  Next to the church is a habitat for humanity project where they build houses for families. For the past two weeks, we have gone and help build this house. I just keep thinking that my Grandpa Fred would be so proud of me! I can not tell you all what I did because I do not know how to explain, but I got to use a hammer, and some nails. Haha!

I am just having the best time with my new companion! It has really
just been a week, but it feels like much longer. She is so funny, and
we can laugh together! It really does make the time go by fast. We
have decided that we want to become scriptorians, so we are memorizing
the chapter headings of each chapter in the Book of Mormon. Awesome
idea right?

One investigator that was going to be baptized the 28th is now on date
for the 6th. She is working on word of wisdom stuff. She says she has
been doing good since we changed the date. We got her some bubbles and
suckers to help her. Sister LeDoux gave up sugar, and I gave up dr.
Pepper to show our support for her. She is doing pretty good.

We have been walking a lot. Which is good. There is a lot of different
and interesting people in Oregon. Just saying.
We are looking forward to this upcoming week! It looks pretty busy,
and busy is good.

 Well until next week.
Cheese curds!

Daughters of the Pioneers?

Silly Sisters...

Wildlife !

It's a raccoon crossing the road.

 Love you all!
Sister Slattery

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 15 No longer a new missionary.

Well let me just start off that it was a good week. I got a new companion! She is pretty chill, and I like her. She was Sister Forsyth's MTC companion actually. She has spent her mission in the Vancouver area, but has now crossed the boarder to Oregon. Sister Nielsen (She came out with me and is serving in the St. Helens 2nd ward. I also live with her.) and I did not go to transfer meeting :( We had to stay in St. Helens,and do work. We are to far away from the mission office that they wanted us to stay. Which is fine. We went and heart attacked some people, and while we we doing that I put pressure on the heart to stick on the door... well the door was not latched all the way, so the door came open! haha! oh man Sister Nielsen closed the door,and we high tailed it out of there. Then we went to an appointment, and had lunch, and by then a member had returned with our new companions. My new companion is Sister LeDoux. No, no relation to Chris LeDoux. People ask her that all the time. 

I feel like I am a true missionary now. I have blisters from walking. Walking is good, and it saves our miles. It's so refreshing to have a I keep feeling like I am forgetting to do something, or I need to call somebody... Other than that it has been a good week. I guess there is a thing as a greenie buster. That is what my companion is. Haha she is now teaching me to be a person, and a missionary. Verses how I was just learning how to be a missionary.

Speaking of... An investigator that is on date for baptism for the 28th got married on Saturday! Her now husband is a member, and he is working his way back into the church. It was such a nice wedding. The Relief Society president was kind enough to throw the wedding at her house. Plus there was cake. They are so happy. 

Then yesterday, We were at a member's house, and they had their friend over. The friend came to church for the first time, but has known that she wants to be baptized. Well we put her on date for July 11! She said that would be perfect. The day before her wedding anniversary. Her two children also want to be baptized, so a grand total of three! She is so cute! She has this strong desire to follow after her Savior. It is so awesome because she told us that she feels the Holy Ghost, and knows that this is true, and right. It is incredible that she is able to recognize the spirit! 

Wanda and Latisha are doing great! They are getting into family history. We were talking about them in a meeting,and I think it was the bishop that was like "Wow they are fast!" They are doing so well! I love them.

What a good week. I am so honored that Heavenly Father has entrusted me to spread his gospel to the people of St. Helens. I just pray that my shortcomings will not hinder that great calling. 
Would you like a Book of Mormon?

The newlyweds, Kiara & Gabriel Farmer

Sister Nielsen & Sister Richter

My new companion Sister LaDoux.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 14: Latisha and Wanda!

This was a jammed pack weekend.
 First let me tell you about Wanda and Latisha.
So 2 months ago Sister Forsyth and I were walking on our way to visit elderly people in our ward when Sister F gets the prompting to knock on a door that we passed; so we go back and knock. Latisha answers,and tells us we can come back. The next time we came we were walking to bring a member to the lesson with us  when we see a woman checking her mail. As missionaries we talk to everyone, so we go talk to her. She said that they are expecting us. This is not the same lady that answered the door, but we were like "oh yeah we will be down there in a minute". Well we come back with the member, and it was Wanda that we met on the street, and Latisha who answered the door. ( Wanda is the mom). They had chairs set out for us and everything! Ever since then we have been meeting with them. They have had their challenges, and it wasn't all easy. (For example we had dropped off Word of Wisdom pamphlets before a lesson, and told them to look it over. They told us later that they were planning on not even coming to the lesson. They thought all we drank was water. Haha!.) However, they could not forget the good, and peaceful feelings that they have felt when we met, and when they go to church. They wanted to be baptized! The date was set for May 9th. The week before their baptism was not easy for them, but they still wanted to be baptized. And they were!!! It feels so good when someone calls you THEIR missionary, to your Mission President's wife. Just saying. We heart attacked their door. They have never seen anything like it, and Wanda told us we gave her a heart attack when she opened up the door. 
Then on Mother's Day they were confirmed, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so touching. We talked to them about their experience with everything. They said that at first they were nervous, but then when they went down in the water, and were coming up they felt so peaceful. They were both crying at the baptism and on Sunday. It was that powerful. They have made this whole mission worth it. I know there are other people that are out there waiting to hear the gospel. I just have to find them. I am so honored that God has chosen me to spread His gospel. I only pray that my shortcomings will not hinder this great work.

Okay so then back up on Friday. This is the day that we got transfer news. The other three sisters got their letter, but I didn't. (It came on Saturday). I am staying in St. Helens, and my new companion is Sister Ladeux, Sister Forsyth's MTC companion. Sister F is going to Portland. Sister Nielsen is staying in ST. Helens with me, and Sister Olsen is going to be a sister training leader in Portland. 

Then on Sunday I got to Skype home! It was so good to SEE my family. It was such a good way to end the day. I found out my fish died, and they were hoping I wouldn't ask about him. haha. I thought it was so funny that my mom had a list of questions to ask me. They updated me on some things that are happening in the world,and in the ward. Plus I got to see Yvonne and James! That was great! Plus mom told me about everyone that says hi.. so Hello everyone! They told me about Alyssa praying for me all the time. Haha! I love that girl. 

I can not believe I have been out for three months now. Time goes by fast. 

I love all of you! Happy Queen's Day to all of you Queens.

Sister Slattery
Sister Slattery, Latisha, Wanda and Sister Forsyth

Baptisms are great!

Into the woods........

Last P-Day together with Sister Olsen and Sister Forsyth


Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 13

Hey everyone!

So our two investigators had their baptismal interview on Saturday!
They are both so excited! They keep telling us how much we had changed
their lives for the better. It brings me such great joy to see their
countenance shine. I had a cool realization the other day. So for
those of you who do not know why I came out on my mission, I came out
for the generations. For the ripple affect of missionary work. Well as
we were teaching our two investigators they want so badly to go to the
temple and do baptisms for their family. The mom had lost one of her
daughters, and her mother. I had the realization that as a missionary,
I affect generations from the the past, not just the future. I do not
know why I didn't see that before. These two are just on a roll! They
have already gone to the temple with a member, and the went to the
visitor center, and went into the atrium. All they talk about is going
back, and going in to do baptisms as soon as they are members. My
heart is so full for them. I truly do love them.
Another investigator that is getting ready for baptism on the 28th is
getting married! Her almost husband is a less active. She is on fire!
She is very proactive about everything. Members are so kind offering
their house/yard for the wedding, donating a dress ect. She asked us
to do her hair. I love weddings! She does not want a big wedding now,
but later for her temple marriage. She is very realistic about things,
and is working so hard to accomplish these righteous goals. I love her
so much!
I have found that I love these people. At first it was hard for me, I
will not lie. It was hard for me to understand their many and diverse
situations in life. The decisions they have made. I really do think
that I have seen just a small glimpse of how Heavenly Father sees His
children. They are worth it! WE are worth it.
Today we are having a zone p day, and going to Astoria. I am currently
writing this email in the car. I brought my kite, and bubbles, and my
writing supplies. I thought that would be fun to do out on the beach.
And write letters in the car since it is a two hour car ride. We find
out transfer news the 8th, then transfers are the 13th. Life is busy.
Life is good.

I love you all
Sister Slattery
Wooden Moroni & Sister Slattery

The sweats arrived!

Astoria Column, Sister Forsyth

All smiles

P-day sweats!

Trying to fly my kite in front of the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale.

Week 12: Well It's Monday

There is going to be a baptism for two of our investigators on May 9th! I am so honored that I get to see them gain their own testimonies of the gospel. It is all about timing I have learned. 

There was a women's conference and luncheon this past weekend, and it was really nice. The topic was about temples. A less active came with us. She was kinda nervous about the whole thing, but said she enjoyed it. We also went on exchanges. I left St. Helens! It brought me such great joy to leave... I mean I love the area that I am in, just feels nice to escape to Warrenton, even if it smelled like fish.

Um I do not know what else that happened that was significant to write about... Oh yeah! This other investigator  that is on date for the 25th is getting married. If I stay after transfers (which I think I will) I will go to my first wedding as a missionary. That is pretty cool I think. Her soon to be husband is a less active. He is working on it though. However he is very rude in lessons. He only has a positive response when we bring authority from his past. Maybe it is the skirts? Really annoying that he does not take us seriously.

On a good note, today is Monday, and mom said I could buy sweat pants!

Remember I love you all!

Sister Slattery
      Side note from the Mom:  Before leaving on her mission Sister Slattery had a pair of ratty, and I do mean ratty pair of sweatpants.  They were almost the only item of clothing I saw this dear child of mine wear unless she was going to work, out with friends or the three hours of church on Sunday.  I told her that sweats were not allowed on her mission, ever!  Then she left on her mission, and at about week 7, she was really struggling.  Change is hard!  Each week as we would send her supportive mail, I realized, maybe it was inspiration that sweatpants would not be the end of the world while on her mission and might actually help her feel better.  I wrote her a nice long letter, included a gift card to Wal-Mart with the instructions to get sweatpants on her next P-Day.  The following was the email I received later in the afternoon after the above email had been sent.
I am so angry! I go to buy sweatpants and guess what? They do not have my size. All to small or to big. Plus Sister Forsyth is an in and out kinda shopper, plus we were on a time crunch anyway. No sweatpants this week! I hate Walmart. 

        Me the Mom again.  I laughed at the email, because who hasn't be upset with Wal-Mart before.  Well Dan and I had mercy on our girl and went to the store Monday night to get her some sweat pants.  I have actually been laughing to myself all week picturing her sleeping in them, changing into them the very minute she can every night. 


The Thomas Family

Just another day in the mission field.