Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 11: Zone Conference and snakes

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't email you last week...

This week was good besides the fact that my companion is sick. She has had two colds in two weeks. I think she will be okay though. Other than that I got to go to my first zone conference. That was really good. The thing that stood out to me: Do you want more promptings? Act on the ones you have already received. Also to act NOW. There are elect waiting. Those two stood out to me.

It was been so sunny and in the 80*s! Boy is it hot! It is daunting thinking of the Las Vegas weather. Then I realized I would be returning home in August 2016. August. In Las Vegas. I will enjoy it now I guess haha. So while it was nice and sunny we parked the car and contacted referrals. Well there is grass (Yes real, not the fake kind in my front yard at home) along side the side walk. All of a sudden I hear this movement in the grass, and I knew it was a snake! I do not care if it was a garden snake, it was a snake! Well I did a little dance and jumped as high as I could. Then on our way back there is another snake in the grass! I did my little jump dance again. My companion asked if I really was afraid of snakes. She had the "really you are that scared" kind of attitude about it. It was scary I tell you! 

I have been trying to take take pictures. Mom should have them. I do not even use my camera because I have one on my ipad,and I can send pictures from there, verses getting the cord, connecting to the computer.. Anyhow, I am getting better!

I read this morning in the Ensign "It Isn't a sin to be weak" I really needed that. 

Thank you all for the support!

Until next week.

Sister Slattery

Doing a little service.

Blowing bubbles.

Sister Slattery, Sister Forysth, Sister Olsen, Sister Nielsen

Columbia River

Working in the office.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 10: And this week, the pictures speak for themselves....

Once there was a cute missionary who had an infected ingrown toenail.

The good doctor removed said toenail. 
And now cute missionary is sporting a purple toe!
And cute missionary got to wear SANDALS!
Thanks to Sister Ball, ice cream makes everything better!
And also this week Sister Forsyth turned 20!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 9: Easter and General Conference

​I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! 
Wow it was the week of Easter packages! So many good treats, and fun things. ​Thank you! It was so cool to share the Because He Lives video with people. To really understand the true meaning of Easter. Plus I did not cry. For years I would always cry on Easter. I could not understand why people would want to kill Jesus Christ. It is an accomplishment for me not to cry on Easter, just thought I would share. We were at a member's home and we got to be the Easter bunny, and hide all the eggs after watching conference. It was fun. Then we had hamburgers for dinner. 
Our two investigators watched the Sunday morning session with us at a member's home. It was awesome! They said that the talks were for them. Plus the night before we watched some talks from Saturday afternoon session. They really liked the one about the girl Sailor. They are just on a roll! They are still planning on being baptized. We taught the word of wisdom to them. They seem more comfortable with it once we talked about it. I really do love these two ladies. 
I got a lot of cinnamon rolls for general conference, and fruit. Lots of fruit. Some cinnamon rolls were better than others. 

Well until next week..
Sister Slattery 
P-Day, Watching a game of Spoons