Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 41: Settling into Vancouver

I had interviews with President Taylor this week! I was in there for about 15 minutes. I told him about your 9 month package. I even wore my camel necklace to show him. He gave me some comforting words about not letting other people have power over how I feel. Also talked to me about how to help Sister Jacobs. The conclusion I came up with is to role play everyday. I also expressed to him my worries of if I was fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. He told me not to be worried, but that it tells him a lot about me because I am concerned about it. He told me that I was obedient, hard working missionary, and that as long as God and I, and he and I are good no one else really matters.
Bailey Metz got baptized on Saturday! She is so fun! Her husband teases me so much. It is so funny and we have some good inside jokes. The first time I met him he asked me if I have any brothers, and I said no. He told me I was in for it. Boy did he mean it! I was mimicking my hand movements. He is pretty funny. He has decided that we were best friends. 
-side tangent- my first p.day I met my district leader and his companion for the first time. Elder Robbins (DL comp) said a kid history quote, and I finished the quote. Then we found out that we both like studio c. -it is funny mom- ever since then, I have decided that he was my best friend. I was talking to Sister Jacobs about Sarah who is actually my best friend. She says to me " you pick the most unavailable people to be best friends with: an elder, a married man, and a woman." Haha it was so funny! 
Brother Metz mocking me!

Sister Stromness (I lived with her in Gresham) came to the baptism because her companion had taught Bailey. She told me that Sister Mandin and her new companion had a baptism that night. What! I was so happy to hear that. It had only been two weeks since transfers. Where was this guy? I do not know. I kinda was disappointed because I didn't see a baptism in that area. Then I realized that that man had the missionaries that he needed. Plus I picked up the area. I worked hard, and all that I needed to do. I have no regrets, and I left the area better than I found it. I also found out that Sister  Mandin was sick, and puking her guts out. Poor girl! Hopefully she is feeling better by now. 
The Metz, with the Sister Missionaries.

Bailey.  The 4th Baptism I have had a chance to be a part of.

Beautiful missionary.

Week 40: Hump Day

Hump Day package!  November 4,2015 - 9 Months Serving!
A friend to help celebrate.

And some fun bling as well.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 39: Transfer Week

Okay let's start on Wednesday morning. Sister Mandin and I were struggling to
get my suitcases squished into our car in the dark while it was
raining. Good start, do not worry this story gets better. We are
driving to the transfer site jamming out to Vocal Point. We made a
wrong turn. We try again. Made another wrong turn, we try again. Okay
maybe we didn't  go as far down as we needed? We drive for a bit, and
still can't find it. We pull out good old google maps. Guess what?
There are multiple streets named the one we were trying to find, so
that was no luck. We call the zone leaders, and ask them. We were told
it was off of this one avenue. Okay so we followed directions. We get
there and it was not what we were looking for. The whole time I am
progressively freaking out more and more. At this point I scream come
and find us! My gps was packed away, so we didn't have that resource.
We park, I fling open the door, and start digging in my bag for the
gps. Finally we are on the right track, and we get there fashionably
late. Turns out that the van was stuck in traffic, so all was well.

Walking into transfers was awkward because everyone was staring at
us.. Transfers was very uplifting. Sister Mandin got her baby, and we took a
4 generation picture. It was really sad to leave Sister Mandin. We really had
a fun time together. She will do great! Also it is not like she is
dead, I will see her around I am sure. Except maybe not because I have
crossed the boarder to Washington.

Sister Jacobs is so kind! She came out with Sister Mandin. She also white
washed this area with Sister Forsyth who was my trainer. I get to
greenie bust! Also big news! This area is a walking area. They had a
car last transfer, but I guess another area needed it more which I
understand. Our area is pretty small, and flat. We do have bikes, we
are just waiting for a couple of things for those. I live with a
member and her daughter. They are super nice.

I am just trying to learn the area and the people. Adventure is out
there! Happy P day everybody.

Sister Slattery

Four generations of Sister missionaries.
Knee deep rain!
The Sharps from Troutdale.

Me and Sister Jacobs