Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 64: I'm Not In Gresham Anymore

Hey everybody! I am in my new area with Sister Stephens! We are in the
Woodland 2nd Ward. We cover Woodland, and Kalama. It is the biggest
area in the mission. It has a lot of boonies! My companion was making
fun of me because all the pamphlets that I had in my bag. "You are not
in Gresham anymore!" It is so true. Not a lot of street contacting
anymore. It is super awkward when we pull into people's driveways
because there is no where for us to park anyplace else. Sister
Stephens put in an address in the gps, and it said we would get there
in 15 minutes. That is craziness to me. I will get to know my
companion really well with all this drive time.

Sister Slattery & Sister Stephens

Speaking of my companion, I love her so much! I have decided that she
is my spirit animal. We get along so great! I am hoping she will be my
last companion. She also decided to go home in the July transfer. That
would be really cool if we killed each other. (Send each other home)
apparently this area gets white washed a lot. Speaking of going home..
Our second day together we got our trunkie call from Sister Burgoyne.
I never thought I would get mine! It just puts into perspective for me
how fast time goes.

We also had a baptism on Saturday! There are these sisters who are in
the adoption process with a couple in the ward. The area is really on
fire. We have some solid investigators we are working with, and I will
keep you posted.

Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Slattery

The following are the ONLY other pictures I received this week.  Clearly the P Day excitement has turned them into silly young adults? 

Hello readers, it's the Mom.  Just wanted to let everyone one know and also so that this epic week doesn't get forgotten. We as parents have received the official email from the mission office with Sister Slattery's travel itinerary.  She will fly from Portland, Oregon on July 12, to Salt Lake City with a very short 1 hour layover and then on to Las Vegas!  People told me how fast this time would go, but I didn't believe them and I certainly didn't think I would survive not being able to talk to my girl.  It has been one of the hardest things I have ever survived!  For real.  So here is to the last 76 days of this adventure.  And yes I am counting now.....I can't help it. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 63: Transfer Week Already

 We moved on Friday. It only took us two trips. We cleaned the cottage. Fast forward to ward council, and Relief Society,  the Jensen's announced about how well we cleaned it, haha it was kinda funny/ embarrassing. I like the apartment. Except I am being transferred!  I will be leaving Oregon and will be going to the Washington side of the mission.   I am going to Long View Zone to the Woodland 2nd Ward with Sister Ami Stephens. She came out with me. Super exciting!

Sister Richards and Sister Slattery
Picture credit: Sister Lambert

April 12, 2016 

Miracles all day! We contacted a referral from this member in Hartley Park Ward. Collette is so cool! She has a desire to increase her faith. We have a lesson with her tomorrow, so we will see how it goes. 

Then we meet with Jeremiah, Ronny's grandson, who wants to be baptized. His dad prevented him in the past, but has finally given the okay. This little boy is so smart! He almost recited the first vision to us. He was so funny, he wanted to start the lesson with a song, so we sang Follow the Prophet. I loved hearing him pray. He just has a conversation with God. He and Ronny are planning on being baptized May 7th. (my sister Courtney's birthday!) 

THEN! Let me preface this with  a story that happened on Sunday.. It is sacrament meeting, know there is this new family sitting in the back. We go up after the meeting, and TY is her name, says that she and her sister have been less active for a long while, but are back, and their kids want to be baptized. Wow! That is something that does not happen everyday. We find out they do not live in our ward, but they said they want to come to our ward. People got the record thing figured out, and their records are now in our ward! We talked to the elders in that ward, and our bishop talked to their bishop. They signed up to have us over for dinner for tonight. We go, and we had the best time ever! We had tacos for taco Tuesday. We later learned they sometimes have taco Thursday, and even a taco Wednesday. LOL! I thought of my family. THEN I see Ty making her taco. She spread the sour cream over the tortilla before she put anything else on. That is the same way. I make my taco! I can not remember if my sisters do that too, or if it is just me, but it was so good to meet someone outside of , my family who does the same thing. She then tells us that she loves sour cream. I am just geeking out because I found my kindred spirit. I told her that my family has to buy the big tub of sour cream from Costco. She said they do the same thing! They are just an awesome family.   The kids A'mere and Jayden had really good questions about baptism. They both said they wanted to, so we extended an invitation to be baptized May 14. A'mere was kinda shy, and said she would pray about it, but Jayden was so excited!

Transfer Day! April 20, 2016
Picture credit: Sister Lambert

Sister Slattery 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 62: My Week

Tuesday April 5,2016
Today we met a pagan lady. She had to make sure that we were not poor
women suppressed by the men in the church. We explained to her that we
have the same power and authority that the elders do. It was an
interesting conversation. She also told us some interesting theories.

The elders told us about a return appointment they set up with this
guy that they met while tracting. They thought he would go to the
Rocky Butte elders, but really it was our area. They call us 15
minutes before the lesson. Luckily we didn't have anything going on.
We went, and met the guy. Turns out he was getting ready for work, and
we did not have another person with us, so we could not go in anyway.
We set a time to come back later in the week. He seems pretty open
minded. We will see.

We taught a RM about missionary work and dating. She has been home
from her mission for almost two years now, and has not really found
her place. She is from Micronesia, and served in Australia. We had
this other RM that has been home for a week come with us (she is from
the Tongan ward). We shared with her the April ensign article Taking
Fear Out of Dating. It was interesting to see how missionary work, and
dating can parallel each other. Then her aunt had made home made
donuts, and they were super delicious. We also were given this white
drink. I taste it, and it is really good. It had almost an almond
taste to it. I ask what it is, and the aunt with her little English
tells us it is milk mixed with water. Haha really? After that it was
kinda gross to drink it, but I didn't want to be rude.

Wednesday April 6,2016
Let me preface this with a phone call we got last week. It was from
this member out of town wanting us to help her non member parents
move. Her parents are old, and not in a condition to load a truck by
themselves. She wanted us to call elder's quorum president to see if
they could get a couple of guys to help load the truck. The daughter
assured us that it would all be packed, and we would just need to load
the truck. Well, his wife was expecting a baby any day, so we called
the bishop. He handed it off to us the missionaries because it would
be a great missionary opportunity. So we call the lady, and she said
that they would need about 4 people. Well I  can not really lift
things, so we decided to ask our district for help. That would make 8
of us. We get there, and nothing is packed. We started at 10, and
finally left at 2. And it still was not all done. I kept telling
everyone that they can leave when they need. One set of elders said
they block psd out the time until 2. They know how moving people goes.
The lady was so disorganized, and didn't want to through anything
away. She had so much dust in her house, and took constant breaks for
a smoke. It was really hard to be happy, and serve. The elders kept
telling me to smile apparently I didn't look to happy either. It was
tiring! She was kind enough to give us money to go get some pizza, so
the elders did that while we finished boxing up some other stuff. At
one point I called our bishop out of desperation. He came, and helped
for a bit, but had to peace out.

We got home, and I took a nap. I was so tired. I iced my back, took
some medicine, and I fell asleep on the couch. We didn't leave the
house until it was time to go to dinner. Which was with bishop..

We are at dinner, and Sister Dethman made this new recipe with this
kind of steak, that I forgot what it was called. Well it was hard to
chew. Super yummy though. At one point  I took a bite that was too
big, and I did not chew it enough, and swallowed. I knew that was a
mistake once I did that. Yep, I was choking at the bishop's house. I
locked eyes with Sister Dethman, and I put my hands to my throat. She
asked if I was okay, and I shook my head no. Everyone was kinda
freaking out. I think I really scared her adult son who has
autism..sigh.. Yep. Luckily Sister D does not freak out like Aunt
Jane. Bishop had to give me the hymlick. It was a miracle that I
didn't throw up everywhere.
I am never going to live that one down. I am sure the whole ward will
know that I almost died at Bishop's house.

We leave, and Sister De Leon Gomez is just laughing, and explaining
her concern, and laughed some more. I told her to take me to
McDonald's, so I could get a shake. My throat was sore, and I needed
something to smooth it. It still hurts. I told her I was going home,
icing my back, drink my shake and lay down until our one appointment
tonight at eight. But then that cancelled.

It has been a really long day.

April 7,2016
It was so hot today! It was so nice out! At one point we went to a
convenient store for a drink, and a snack. It was a pretty solemn day.
Walked around, talked to some people. At one point we were at a park!
Guess what happened? I bruised my leg. I am just falling apart over

Swinging at the park.

 We had our meeting with Brother Mueller. Had some ice cream. Bishop
told him that I choked at his house.. Then came the teasing.
Missionary work is hard in this area. It does not help that my
companion is a negative nelly. I also do not like how she talks about
herself. She says she is fat, and all these things. It is so
exhausting reassuring her when she does not believe me anyway.

We also started to get the cottage ready for when we leave. We trashed
a lot of stuff, and tore down the wall decorations... Yep, and that
was my day.

April 8,2016
Weekly planning day! Except we barely have anyone to plan for.
We started our exchange with the sister training leaders. I came to
the Kelly Creek ward. It took me forever to fall asleep because of my

April 9,2016
I actually had a really good exchange! We were walking through this
apartment complex when Sister Hansen points to this gutter, and says I
can have it if I grab it. I look down, and what do my eyes behold? A
five dollar bill. I was so determined to get it! I have no shame, I
bent down, and I had to use two pens as chop sticks to get it out.
Sister Hansen helped, but I did the hard work. After my hands were a
bit nasty. We went to this investigator's house, and he was not there,
but his wife was. Sister Hansen  has never been inside, so I told her
that washing my hands would be the perfect excuse. Turns out the wife
was sick, but I really needed to wash my hands, and she was kind
enough to let me do that. Later I washed the five dollar bill, and it
is all clean now. Normally I find pennies, and on a good day I find a
quarter. This by far was the best find. It reminds me of a story my
dad told me when I was young we were standing in the check out line,
and I was on the floor, and my dad told me to get up. I some how found
what I think was a five dollar bill. (I do not know, I can't remember)
Apparently I love finding money. If I believed in reincarnation I
think I may have been a pirate or something. It was good to take a
break from Columbia River. I got to see Heidi Bell. I got to teach her
while I was in Columbia. Her in laws live in Kelly creek, and that is
where we had dinner. She was picking up one of her kids from there
when we showed up. Then we exchanged back. We spent a long while
trying to find this address of this referral. We have decided that it
does not exist.


 April 10,2016
A few days ago we met this girl (we will call her Sarah) when we were
trying to find a less active member. Turns out they moved. She said we
could come back. Fast forward to tonight we go back again. We meet a
different girl. We ask for Sarah, and she says no one lives here by
that name. I was kinda sassy when I asked really? Because we met her a
few days a go. "Oh! My house mate Sarah, yeah she is not home right
now." Seriously? How could you forget your house mate's name? Just
tell the truth.

We also found this free couch sitting on the side of the road. We told
the lady we would be back Saturday for it. Haha it gave us an excuse
to talk to her plus we got a free couch. Killed two birds with one

Now it is p day! I will blink then it will be over..
Love you all!

Sister Slattery

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 61: General Conference

Wow, another conference has come and gone. Last one on my mission!
Time goes by so fast. I definitely got what I needed to hear.

This week feels like it would never end! It was a good week, don't get
me wrong, but it seemed like Monday would never come. At the beginning
of the week we had a zone study with President Taylor. We talked about
becoming a Preach My Gospel missionaries.
Then we had a shortened district meeting.

One day we made a wrong turn on a street, but we saw this giant
nutcracker in his case on this front porch, we had to say hi, and get
a picture.

Again, people have the weirdest things in their yards.

 One night Brother Jensen (we live with them) texts us, and tell us to
call him before we get home for the night. We call, and he tells us
that earlier there was a man hunt in the neighborhood. He wanted us to
stay in the car until he came and got us to walk us to the cottage.
The police must have found whoever they were looking for because I
have not heard about anything since.
We are not in Kansas anymore Toto!

 Fast forward to April 1st. We are home getting ready to plan for the
next day when our District Leader calls us. He tells us that Elder Funk
(he is in charge of the cars) has been trying to get into contact with
us. That he got an alert from TIWI that our car had a flat tire. Our
district leader was calling to make sure we were okay. He needed us to
go take a picture of the flat tire for Elder Funk. We were so
confused. We had no calls from Elder Funk, and our phone had been on
all day. Sister De Leon Gomez is not gullible like I am, so she caught
him. April Fools! He kept wanting us to go outside. We were not going
outside. We hang up the phone, and some time passes, then we hear this
bang, bang, bang at the door. We scream, and hit the ground so fast.
As a result I got rug burn. We call Brother Jensen, and he didn't
answer, so we called the District Leader... Long story short we open
the door to find apple juice for Sister De Leon Gomez. All that for
apple juice. He is the kindest DL I have ever had.

 Hmm and that is all can think of that happened this week.
Love you all! Hope you have a really great week!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 60: Happy Easter

I am so privileged that I get to serve God this time of year. I am so
grateful for my Savior. I would like to copy paste a part from the
Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister.

 The most important event in history
If a survey were taken of history's most significant events, common
answers might include the harnessing of fire, the discovery of
America, the splitting of the atom, landing on the moon, or the
invention of the computer. Each is a wonderful event, but absent the
backdrop of the Atonement each is of but transitory importance - no
more than a shooting star illuminating the sky for a brief moment, and
then vanishing into the night. The Atonement gives purpose and potency
to every event in history. President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke of its
relationship to other events in the world history : ” When all is said
and done, when all of history is examined, when the deepest  depths of
the human mind have been explored, there is nothing so wonderful, so
majestic, so tremendous as his act of grace." Is was not just another
great event in he chronicles of history. It was, as Hugh Nibley
observed, "the one supreme reality of our life upon this earth!"
.....All other events, doctrines, and principles are subservient to
and appendages of that godly act.

I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. He descended below
us all. He does in reality live today.

With Easter comes fun family traditions, candy, and stuffed eggs..
Which brings me to this past week.

Sister De Leon Gomez came up with this really good idea to "egg" all
the members. We put in a piece of candy, confetti, and a scripture
about missionary work. I can not tell you how many times we got
caught. It was super fun!
We also were invited over to color eggs after women's conference.
(Which was wonderful by the way) I found out that this was my
companion's first time coloring eggs, and eating peeps! Oh the
memories. I of course managed to get pink coloring on my face..
Luckily it was not a lot. I can not tell you how much candy has
consumed our week. I really just want a carrot. Not the chocolate

Coloring Easter eggs for the first time.

This morning we went to the Crown Point Vista House. I think I have
been there five times now. Guess what, it is still the same. Same
view, same gift shop and everything. It is interesting to see how a
zone changes. I have been in the zone the longest (granted with a six
week break), and everyone around me is new.

Sister De Leon Gomez and I with the Columbia River in the background.

Happy Easter!
I hope all of you are doing well, and have a great week ahead of you!