Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 64: I'm Not In Gresham Anymore

Hey everybody! I am in my new area with Sister Stephens! We are in the
Woodland 2nd Ward. We cover Woodland, and Kalama. It is the biggest
area in the mission. It has a lot of boonies! My companion was making
fun of me because all the pamphlets that I had in my bag. "You are not
in Gresham anymore!" It is so true. Not a lot of street contacting
anymore. It is super awkward when we pull into people's driveways
because there is no where for us to park anyplace else. Sister
Stephens put in an address in the gps, and it said we would get there
in 15 minutes. That is craziness to me. I will get to know my
companion really well with all this drive time.

Sister Slattery & Sister Stephens

Speaking of my companion, I love her so much! I have decided that she
is my spirit animal. We get along so great! I am hoping she will be my
last companion. She also decided to go home in the July transfer. That
would be really cool if we killed each other. (Send each other home)
apparently this area gets white washed a lot. Speaking of going home..
Our second day together we got our trunkie call from Sister Burgoyne.
I never thought I would get mine! It just puts into perspective for me
how fast time goes.

We also had a baptism on Saturday! There are these sisters who are in
the adoption process with a couple in the ward. The area is really on
fire. We have some solid investigators we are working with, and I will
keep you posted.

Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Slattery

The following are the ONLY other pictures I received this week.  Clearly the P Day excitement has turned them into silly young adults? 

Hello readers, it's the Mom.  Just wanted to let everyone one know and also so that this epic week doesn't get forgotten. We as parents have received the official email from the mission office with Sister Slattery's travel itinerary.  She will fly from Portland, Oregon on July 12, to Salt Lake City with a very short 1 hour layover and then on to Las Vegas!  People told me how fast this time would go, but I didn't believe them and I certainly didn't think I would survive not being able to talk to my girl.  It has been one of the hardest things I have ever survived!  For real.  So here is to the last 76 days of this adventure.  And yes I am counting now.....I can't help it. 

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  1. July 12 is so soon!! Congratulations to the whole Slattery family! :)