Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 61: General Conference

Wow, another conference has come and gone. Last one on my mission!
Time goes by so fast. I definitely got what I needed to hear.

This week feels like it would never end! It was a good week, don't get
me wrong, but it seemed like Monday would never come. At the beginning
of the week we had a zone study with President Taylor. We talked about
becoming a Preach My Gospel missionaries.
Then we had a shortened district meeting.

One day we made a wrong turn on a street, but we saw this giant
nutcracker in his case on this front porch, we had to say hi, and get
a picture.

Again, people have the weirdest things in their yards.

 One night Brother Jensen (we live with them) texts us, and tell us to
call him before we get home for the night. We call, and he tells us
that earlier there was a man hunt in the neighborhood. He wanted us to
stay in the car until he came and got us to walk us to the cottage.
The police must have found whoever they were looking for because I
have not heard about anything since.
We are not in Kansas anymore Toto!

 Fast forward to April 1st. We are home getting ready to plan for the
next day when our District Leader calls us. He tells us that Elder Funk
(he is in charge of the cars) has been trying to get into contact with
us. That he got an alert from TIWI that our car had a flat tire. Our
district leader was calling to make sure we were okay. He needed us to
go take a picture of the flat tire for Elder Funk. We were so
confused. We had no calls from Elder Funk, and our phone had been on
all day. Sister De Leon Gomez is not gullible like I am, so she caught
him. April Fools! He kept wanting us to go outside. We were not going
outside. We hang up the phone, and some time passes, then we hear this
bang, bang, bang at the door. We scream, and hit the ground so fast.
As a result I got rug burn. We call Brother Jensen, and he didn't
answer, so we called the District Leader... Long story short we open
the door to find apple juice for Sister De Leon Gomez. All that for
apple juice. He is the kindest DL I have ever had.

 Hmm and that is all can think of that happened this week.
Love you all! Hope you have a really great week!

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