Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 63: Transfer Week Already

 We moved on Friday. It only took us two trips. We cleaned the cottage. Fast forward to ward council, and Relief Society,  the Jensen's announced about how well we cleaned it, haha it was kinda funny/ embarrassing. I like the apartment. Except I am being transferred!  I will be leaving Oregon and will be going to the Washington side of the mission.   I am going to Long View Zone to the Woodland 2nd Ward with Sister Ami Stephens. She came out with me. Super exciting!

Sister Richards and Sister Slattery
Picture credit: Sister Lambert

April 12, 2016 

Miracles all day! We contacted a referral from this member in Hartley Park Ward. Collette is so cool! She has a desire to increase her faith. We have a lesson with her tomorrow, so we will see how it goes. 

Then we meet with Jeremiah, Ronny's grandson, who wants to be baptized. His dad prevented him in the past, but has finally given the okay. This little boy is so smart! He almost recited the first vision to us. He was so funny, he wanted to start the lesson with a song, so we sang Follow the Prophet. I loved hearing him pray. He just has a conversation with God. He and Ronny are planning on being baptized May 7th. (my sister Courtney's birthday!) 

THEN! Let me preface this with  a story that happened on Sunday.. It is sacrament meeting, know there is this new family sitting in the back. We go up after the meeting, and TY is her name, says that she and her sister have been less active for a long while, but are back, and their kids want to be baptized. Wow! That is something that does not happen everyday. We find out they do not live in our ward, but they said they want to come to our ward. People got the record thing figured out, and their records are now in our ward! We talked to the elders in that ward, and our bishop talked to their bishop. They signed up to have us over for dinner for tonight. We go, and we had the best time ever! We had tacos for taco Tuesday. We later learned they sometimes have taco Thursday, and even a taco Wednesday. LOL! I thought of my family. THEN I see Ty making her taco. She spread the sour cream over the tortilla before she put anything else on. That is the same way. I make my taco! I can not remember if my sisters do that too, or if it is just me, but it was so good to meet someone outside of , my family who does the same thing. She then tells us that she loves sour cream. I am just geeking out because I found my kindred spirit. I told her that my family has to buy the big tub of sour cream from Costco. She said they do the same thing! They are just an awesome family.   The kids A'mere and Jayden had really good questions about baptism. They both said they wanted to, so we extended an invitation to be baptized May 14. A'mere was kinda shy, and said she would pray about it, but Jayden was so excited!

Transfer Day! April 20, 2016
Picture credit: Sister Lambert

Sister Slattery 

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