Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 47: Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did!

Christmas Eve we spent with one of our investigators, and helped make
pies. That was super fun! We got to talk to her more about the gospel,
and her verses having the lessons focused on the kids. We went over to
a recent convert's house, and of course she had food for us. She
always has food! It was so good. It was this this fancy Mexican soup
that they make for parties. I sure do love me some homemade Mexican
food! She was also very kind, and got each of us sweaters, blankets,
and some candy. We then go to our actual dinner appointment with the
Mueller's. (Brother Mueller is the ward mission leader). They had
their children, and grandkids over. Good food, good company, and a
good spirit. The kids even preformed the nativity for us. I was even
recruited as a last minute wise man. Then we got to open presents! I
really enjoyed seeing the kids, and how excited they were. They even
had presents for us! We got some body stuff, and an electric handheld
massager, and some more candy. It was super sweet! Then after that we
went caroling with the sisters in our zone. It was so wonderful! This
one lady saw us from the window, and she clapped, and jumped for joy
she was so happy to see us. That is how we ended our night. Then we
went home, and opened Christmas Eve pajamas!

Christmas Eve gift

Christmas Eve gift

For Sister Slattery too!

 That night I had a dream that we were opening presents, and I kept
waking up every hour to see if it was time to get up. Finally my
companion got up at 6 to use the bathroom. When she came in I asked
her if she wanted to open Christmas presents now. She said yes, so we
did! It was so much fun! Thank you to all who sent me presents, and
were thinking of me this Christmas season. It really means a lot. Then
began the house hopping. I can not tell you how much food I ate. I
paced myself very well I thought. There was no way to prepare for how
much food.

The Mueller's

Stockings and treats
Santa brought me an ipad case with keyboard

A new scripture case.

The Infinite Atonement.  Read it!

Favorite lotion

 Then finally, I got to Skype home! Great Grandma Frances was even
there! It was so good to see my family. They still really do exist!
That is how I spent my Christmas. I am grateful for the opportunity to
serve my God at this Christmas season. Christ, He's the reason for the
season! I have loved reading in this month's ensign the article Be At
Peace by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. It has a really good analogy of
being warmed by the fire. Of just being with the Savior, and let His
love warm you. Y'all should read it!
It snowed last night!!

Thank you all for everything! I love, and miss you all. I especially
loved reading all the notes, and cards from everyone.

Much love,
Sister Slattery

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 46: 2 Decades Later

I never would have thought I would have a birthday on a mission! It
was a good one! My family is the best! They sent me a cute birthday
package with all kinds of goodies. Plus a new dress and an awesome
necklace to go with it.  I am super happy that my old area is in my zone,
 and not to far away. I got to have
lunch with some members in the Columbia ward. We had pizza and
brownies. 😀 it was so good to see them again! Favorite people ever!
Plus Sisters Mandin and Arbon were there also.. They're cool too I
guess. 😉 (wink, wink)  It was kinda awkward trying to tell people it was my
birthday because I didn't want to be that person that expected people
to do something for me. Our dinner appointment made a comment about
looking very nice, and I told her it was my birthday dress. She then
found the candles, and made her husband be the camera man. Haha she
even bought at the store birthday cake ice cream sandwiches.

Birthday cake ice cream sandwiches!

Happy 20th Birthday!

A favorite, chocolate orange as a birthday treat.

 We had zone conference this week! I got my birthday goodie bag, and we
even got a clean car award. That is a shocker! First time for
everything right? I got packages galore at zone conference! I love
mail! Thank you to all who sent me stuff. It really means a lot. We
also went caroling with the sister training leaders. It was super fun,
and people were actually kind to us at 8:30 at night. We should make
this a year round thing.

One night this week we went out to eat with a brother in the ward, and
we had to bring another sister, so we brought elderly Sister Campbell
with us. He took us out to a buffet. It was really good, and I was
full. Fast forward to our appointment after dinner with this recent
convert. She is hispanic, and always has a treat for us. Well that
night she had dinner for us! Oh my goodness, I was so grateful I wore
my stretchy skirt that day. I couldn't not eat it, and be rude. I kept
making faces at Sister Chance when the member wasn't looking, as I was
lifting the fork to my mouth for another bite. It was good, don't get
me wrong. It was just a lot of dinner.

Oh! Also this is probably the biggest highlight of the week. We has a
service referral pop up on our area book. This lady's back yard had
flooded, and there was this pile of mud. Long story short, I was
stressing out because no one was getting back to us about who was
planning on coming. The zone came through, and even some members from
the ward showed up. The lady is super sweet! She said that her door is
always open to us, and she was just so thankful for the service. The
member that referred her got into contact with us, and told us thank
you as well. We will let this new relationship grow, and see where it
goes. So grateful for the opportunity to serve! It really got me into
the Christmas spirit.

Outside our cottage.

Yesterday after ward council, Bishop drafted us for the ward choir. I
have been here two weeks, and both weeks I have been on the stand.
Then we had to come practice for the ward Christmas fireside last
night. It was an adventure, but a fun memory to look back on.

I have been in the northwest for far to long. Last night I had a dream
about Sasquatch. I will leave it at that.

Today for p day we are doing a white elephant gift exchange with
things from our apartments. Haha I am super excited about that! I
still need to find something to bring.

Our baby Christmas tree.


Thank you for everything that y'all do! Christ is the reason for the
season. This is His gospel, and I am grateful I have the opportunity
to serve Him this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to everyone!
Sister Slattery

Week 45: Gresham Baby!

That is right, I am back in Gresham! I think it is so funny because
this whole past transfer I have been telling Sister Jacobs that she
would be going to the Columbia River Ward with Sister Chance. Then I
get transfer letters, and I am going to be with Sister Chance! Whoop,

I get to live in the cottage! Brother and Sister Jensen built it for
his dad, but then he died, and they didn't know what to do with it, so
they started to have missionaries live there. Sister LeDoux was with
 Sister Chance, but she finished her mission this past transfer. I
realized this all before transfer day, and I knew that there would be
confetti all over the apartment. Sure enough! Sister LeDoux strikes
again! So much confetti.. Haha I love her. No more confetti wars for
the rest of my mission, but I will continue to find it everywhere. She
told Sister Chance it was her dying wish to confetti the cottage for
my arrival. I love the area! The ward members are awesome, and we had
the ward breakfast party on Saturday.

I have no idea what else to write! Oh also, when I wrote out my
Christmas cards, I may have put the wrong address. If I put NE 99th
that is wrong it is supposed to be NW.
Merry Christmas!!

Sorry this is short and scattered..

At the Mission Christmas Party
District Christmas Picture

Week 44: Crazy week!

Oh my goodness!  Craziness has been happening this morning! Okay so first thing, we knew that Sister Jacobs would be staying and training, but we had no idea where I would be going because no one has gotten transfer letters. Info has been passed by word of mouth. I told President in an email that I think Sister Jacobs would be really good with Sister Chance (MTC comp) in Gresham. I kept telling her she was going there. At this point I still do not know. Then we check the mail. Turns out I am going back to Gresham to be with Sister Chance. No freaking way! One I love Gresham, super happy I get to go back.

Also this morning... We wanted hot chocolate so I turned on the stove to warm up the water. Time passes, and we are changing out the laundry. I have my arm full, and am walking back to our room. There was this big pop, and explosion! I yelped. Scared the living day lights out of me. Any guesses what it was? There was a glass dish sitting on the stove, and I turned on the wrong burner. Glass was everywhere. Bobbi came out of her room. She thought I was hurt. Which I wasn't, thank heavens. Luckily I was standing far enough away that the glass didn't get me. I feel really bad that I destroyed Bobbi's dish. I plan on buying her a new one today. Sister Jacobs was kind enough to help me clean all the glass up. 

In other news, it's raining. 
 Super exciting to hear about babies, Christmas parties , and the changes to the stake. This week we went to night of music as well, but we needed an investigator or LA to come, so we asked this member who is returning, I wouldn't count her as less active, but her husband is super cool, and he came, so we could go 🙂 Also last night we went to the stake center to watch the Christmas devotional. Super fun!
Sister Jacobs' family sent her a tree with ornaments. They are our decorations in our room. 

Week 43: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We house hopped member's homes. We were invited
over to three houses!  I wore my stretchy skirt that
day Haha. I had no desire to go tracting. One, people were either out
of town or cooking, and spending time with family, two, I personally
would be mad if missionaries were knocking on my door on the holiday.
So, we went less active finding, which was successful. 

Last night we were walking around looking at Christmas lights, and we saw this one house that had this awesome nativity, and in front of the house it had a prayer box. I filled out the little paper, and put it in. What a great idea! There are just some awesome people out there. 
It was also very cold last night, so I was bundled up.

Week 42: Sick

Not a lot happening here. I caught the cold, and at one point my eyeballs were about to pop out of my head. Luckily it was Friday, and Sister Jacobs went on splits with a member, and I stayed home with Bobbi. I have been sleeping a lot this week. Partly because I am sick. STILL sick. I am going strong since Wednesday, but I am getting better.

We had a mission tour this week! I got to drive to the mission office! I was so excited! I got to drive with three elders squished in the back. That was fun. Haha. I brought my vocal point cd and was jamming out best I could because I was sick, and who cares what elders think. We get there and we are in the gym, and all of a sudden I am hug tackled from the side! Hello, who is touching me? It was Sister Mandin! She is doing great! Made me happy that she was excited to see me. We stood next to each other for the picture, and she told me about the guy who got baptized. Also told me some other fun stories. I love her a lot. 
It is getting cold here!  #almostxmas!