Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 42: Sick

Not a lot happening here. I caught the cold, and at one point my eyeballs were about to pop out of my head. Luckily it was Friday, and Sister Jacobs went on splits with a member, and I stayed home with Bobbi. I have been sleeping a lot this week. Partly because I am sick. STILL sick. I am going strong since Wednesday, but I am getting better.

We had a mission tour this week! I got to drive to the mission office! I was so excited! I got to drive with three elders squished in the back. That was fun. Haha. I brought my vocal point cd and was jamming out best I could because I was sick, and who cares what elders think. We get there and we are in the gym, and all of a sudden I am hug tackled from the side! Hello, who is touching me? It was Sister Mandin! She is doing great! Made me happy that she was excited to see me. We stood next to each other for the picture, and she told me about the guy who got baptized. Also told me some other fun stories. I love her a lot. 
It is getting cold here!  #almostxmas!

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