Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 44: Crazy week!

Oh my goodness!  Craziness has been happening this morning! Okay so first thing, we knew that Sister Jacobs would be staying and training, but we had no idea where I would be going because no one has gotten transfer letters. Info has been passed by word of mouth. I told President in an email that I think Sister Jacobs would be really good with Sister Chance (MTC comp) in Gresham. I kept telling her she was going there. At this point I still do not know. Then we check the mail. Turns out I am going back to Gresham to be with Sister Chance. No freaking way! One I love Gresham, super happy I get to go back.

Also this morning... We wanted hot chocolate so I turned on the stove to warm up the water. Time passes, and we are changing out the laundry. I have my arm full, and am walking back to our room. There was this big pop, and explosion! I yelped. Scared the living day lights out of me. Any guesses what it was? There was a glass dish sitting on the stove, and I turned on the wrong burner. Glass was everywhere. Bobbi came out of her room. She thought I was hurt. Which I wasn't, thank heavens. Luckily I was standing far enough away that the glass didn't get me. I feel really bad that I destroyed Bobbi's dish. I plan on buying her a new one today. Sister Jacobs was kind enough to help me clean all the glass up. 

In other news, it's raining. 
 Super exciting to hear about babies, Christmas parties , and the changes to the stake. This week we went to night of music as well, but we needed an investigator or LA to come, so we asked this member who is returning, I wouldn't count her as less active, but her husband is super cool, and he came, so we could go 🙂 Also last night we went to the stake center to watch the Christmas devotional. Super fun!
Sister Jacobs' family sent her a tree with ornaments. They are our decorations in our room. 

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