Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 13

Hey everyone!

So our two investigators had their baptismal interview on Saturday!
They are both so excited! They keep telling us how much we had changed
their lives for the better. It brings me such great joy to see their
countenance shine. I had a cool realization the other day. So for
those of you who do not know why I came out on my mission, I came out
for the generations. For the ripple affect of missionary work. Well as
we were teaching our two investigators they want so badly to go to the
temple and do baptisms for their family. The mom had lost one of her
daughters, and her mother. I had the realization that as a missionary,
I affect generations from the the past, not just the future. I do not
know why I didn't see that before. These two are just on a roll! They
have already gone to the temple with a member, and the went to the
visitor center, and went into the atrium. All they talk about is going
back, and going in to do baptisms as soon as they are members. My
heart is so full for them. I truly do love them.
Another investigator that is getting ready for baptism on the 28th is
getting married! Her almost husband is a less active. She is on fire!
She is very proactive about everything. Members are so kind offering
their house/yard for the wedding, donating a dress ect. She asked us
to do her hair. I love weddings! She does not want a big wedding now,
but later for her temple marriage. She is very realistic about things,
and is working so hard to accomplish these righteous goals. I love her
so much!
I have found that I love these people. At first it was hard for me, I
will not lie. It was hard for me to understand their many and diverse
situations in life. The decisions they have made. I really do think
that I have seen just a small glimpse of how Heavenly Father sees His
children. They are worth it! WE are worth it.
Today we are having a zone p day, and going to Astoria. I am currently
writing this email in the car. I brought my kite, and bubbles, and my
writing supplies. I thought that would be fun to do out on the beach.
And write letters in the car since it is a two hour car ride. We find
out transfer news the 8th, then transfers are the 13th. Life is busy.
Life is good.

I love you all
Sister Slattery
Wooden Moroni & Sister Slattery

The sweats arrived!

Astoria Column, Sister Forsyth

All smiles

P-day sweats!

Trying to fly my kite in front of the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale.

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