Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 16: Habitat for Humanity

Oh boy howdy what a great week.
I would like to start off this letter with the service event of Saturday.  Next to the church is a habitat for humanity project where they build houses for families. For the past two weeks, we have gone and help build this house. I just keep thinking that my Grandpa Fred would be so proud of me! I can not tell you all what I did because I do not know how to explain, but I got to use a hammer, and some nails. Haha!

I am just having the best time with my new companion! It has really
just been a week, but it feels like much longer. She is so funny, and
we can laugh together! It really does make the time go by fast. We
have decided that we want to become scriptorians, so we are memorizing
the chapter headings of each chapter in the Book of Mormon. Awesome
idea right?

One investigator that was going to be baptized the 28th is now on date
for the 6th. She is working on word of wisdom stuff. She says she has
been doing good since we changed the date. We got her some bubbles and
suckers to help her. Sister LeDoux gave up sugar, and I gave up dr.
Pepper to show our support for her. She is doing pretty good.

We have been walking a lot. Which is good. There is a lot of different
and interesting people in Oregon. Just saying.
We are looking forward to this upcoming week! It looks pretty busy,
and busy is good.

 Well until next week.
Cheese curds!

Daughters of the Pioneers?

Silly Sisters...

Wildlife !

It's a raccoon crossing the road.

 Love you all!
Sister Slattery

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