Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 15 No longer a new missionary.

Well let me just start off that it was a good week. I got a new companion! She is pretty chill, and I like her. She was Sister Forsyth's MTC companion actually. She has spent her mission in the Vancouver area, but has now crossed the boarder to Oregon. Sister Nielsen (She came out with me and is serving in the St. Helens 2nd ward. I also live with her.) and I did not go to transfer meeting :( We had to stay in St. Helens,and do work. We are to far away from the mission office that they wanted us to stay. Which is fine. We went and heart attacked some people, and while we we doing that I put pressure on the heart to stick on the door... well the door was not latched all the way, so the door came open! haha! oh man Sister Nielsen closed the door,and we high tailed it out of there. Then we went to an appointment, and had lunch, and by then a member had returned with our new companions. My new companion is Sister LeDoux. No, no relation to Chris LeDoux. People ask her that all the time. 

I feel like I am a true missionary now. I have blisters from walking. Walking is good, and it saves our miles. It's so refreshing to have a I keep feeling like I am forgetting to do something, or I need to call somebody... Other than that it has been a good week. I guess there is a thing as a greenie buster. That is what my companion is. Haha she is now teaching me to be a person, and a missionary. Verses how I was just learning how to be a missionary.

Speaking of... An investigator that is on date for baptism for the 28th got married on Saturday! Her now husband is a member, and he is working his way back into the church. It was such a nice wedding. The Relief Society president was kind enough to throw the wedding at her house. Plus there was cake. They are so happy. 

Then yesterday, We were at a member's house, and they had their friend over. The friend came to church for the first time, but has known that she wants to be baptized. Well we put her on date for July 11! She said that would be perfect. The day before her wedding anniversary. Her two children also want to be baptized, so a grand total of three! She is so cute! She has this strong desire to follow after her Savior. It is so awesome because she told us that she feels the Holy Ghost, and knows that this is true, and right. It is incredible that she is able to recognize the spirit! 

Wanda and Latisha are doing great! They are getting into family history. We were talking about them in a meeting,and I think it was the bishop that was like "Wow they are fast!" They are doing so well! I love them.

What a good week. I am so honored that Heavenly Father has entrusted me to spread his gospel to the people of St. Helens. I just pray that my shortcomings will not hinder that great calling. 
Would you like a Book of Mormon?

The newlyweds, Kiara & Gabriel Farmer

Sister Nielsen & Sister Richter

My new companion Sister LaDoux.

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