Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 14: Latisha and Wanda!

This was a jammed pack weekend.
 First let me tell you about Wanda and Latisha.
So 2 months ago Sister Forsyth and I were walking on our way to visit elderly people in our ward when Sister F gets the prompting to knock on a door that we passed; so we go back and knock. Latisha answers,and tells us we can come back. The next time we came we were walking to bring a member to the lesson with us  when we see a woman checking her mail. As missionaries we talk to everyone, so we go talk to her. She said that they are expecting us. This is not the same lady that answered the door, but we were like "oh yeah we will be down there in a minute". Well we come back with the member, and it was Wanda that we met on the street, and Latisha who answered the door. ( Wanda is the mom). They had chairs set out for us and everything! Ever since then we have been meeting with them. They have had their challenges, and it wasn't all easy. (For example we had dropped off Word of Wisdom pamphlets before a lesson, and told them to look it over. They told us later that they were planning on not even coming to the lesson. They thought all we drank was water. Haha!.) However, they could not forget the good, and peaceful feelings that they have felt when we met, and when they go to church. They wanted to be baptized! The date was set for May 9th. The week before their baptism was not easy for them, but they still wanted to be baptized. And they were!!! It feels so good when someone calls you THEIR missionary, to your Mission President's wife. Just saying. We heart attacked their door. They have never seen anything like it, and Wanda told us we gave her a heart attack when she opened up the door. 
Then on Mother's Day they were confirmed, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so touching. We talked to them about their experience with everything. They said that at first they were nervous, but then when they went down in the water, and were coming up they felt so peaceful. They were both crying at the baptism and on Sunday. It was that powerful. They have made this whole mission worth it. I know there are other people that are out there waiting to hear the gospel. I just have to find them. I am so honored that God has chosen me to spread His gospel. I only pray that my shortcomings will not hinder this great work.

Okay so then back up on Friday. This is the day that we got transfer news. The other three sisters got their letter, but I didn't. (It came on Saturday). I am staying in St. Helens, and my new companion is Sister Ladeux, Sister Forsyth's MTC companion. Sister F is going to Portland. Sister Nielsen is staying in ST. Helens with me, and Sister Olsen is going to be a sister training leader in Portland. 

Then on Sunday I got to Skype home! It was so good to SEE my family. It was such a good way to end the day. I found out my fish died, and they were hoping I wouldn't ask about him. haha. I thought it was so funny that my mom had a list of questions to ask me. They updated me on some things that are happening in the world,and in the ward. Plus I got to see Yvonne and James! That was great! Plus mom told me about everyone that says hi.. so Hello everyone! They told me about Alyssa praying for me all the time. Haha! I love that girl. 

I can not believe I have been out for three months now. Time goes by fast. 

I love all of you! Happy Queen's Day to all of you Queens.

Sister Slattery
Sister Slattery, Latisha, Wanda and Sister Forsyth

Baptisms are great!

Into the woods........

Last P-Day together with Sister Olsen and Sister Forsyth


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