Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 17: Walking, walking and more walking

Guess what I did this week? You betcha I was walking! Which is good.
My companion and I are making ourselves available to God. We can not
really talk to people if we are trapped in a car. We need to be out
talking to people. Well we meet a lot of interesting people! We met
one guy who believes in aliens not God. Didn't you know? They have a
whole program about it on the history channel.
One day we got preached at twice. In one day. We were hot, late, and
discouraged, so we went to McDonalds before we headed home. Haha funny
because earlier that morning we decided we would eat out less.

You just never know what you will see when you are out walking.

Let me fix your hair for you.

On Saturday we went to a mission conference where Elder Nielsen of the
70's came, and talked to us. We talked about the atonement. We talked
about how we should pray for strength in our trials. We should apply
the enabling power of the atonement. We talked about how we think we
are most happy when we have no trials, and all we have to do is sit,
and do nothing. We came here to be tested. Why do we always freak out
when we get a trial? I have learned to pray for strength, and the
ability to endure. Example: my feet. They are blistered, and they
hurt. I know that walking is something that I have to do. I prayed
that my feet could be made strong. Well that whole day they were fine!
I made the whole day. Not without discomfort, but with relief.

Sorry this email is is scattered.

 Until next week
Sister Slattery

Hello friends!

The new Goonies?
More walking...

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