Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 48: Happy New Year!

Well first off let me start with yesterday. It was snowing! They even
cancelled church because of it. We then get a message from our zone
leaders saying that we need to stay in as much as possible, but we
should use our time wisely. The worst part about it was that it was
fast Sunday. We were stuck at home. With food. Luckily we didn't have
any appointments until the evening, but we had to reschedule those.
Plus the Jensen's (we live with them) were kind, and let us come over
for dinner, so we didn't have to drive anywhere. It was nice talking
to other people besides my companion. She is great, and all,  do not get
me wrong. It was just a long day being cooped up. I had cabin fever,
and it was only 10 o'clock in the morning! We cleaned the cottage, and
created an environment where the Holy Ghost could preside, then we
planned lessons, and finished plans for the week. We of course had to
take brain breaks now, and then.

It is very icy! We looked out the window this morning, and decided we
are not going anywhere today. maybe if it warms up a bit, and melts
the ice a little we might venture out to Winco. We did not even do
studies this morning. We had this system of boiling hot water on the
stove to melt a path from our door to the laundry room door. Then we
tackled the car. It was between a quarter to half of an inch thick on
some places. I couldn't open the driver's door! At that point if we
wanted to go anywhere we wouldn't have been able to. After about an
hour and forty five minutes I was satisfied, and done with our work.

New Year's was good! The Jensen's gave us this little goodie box with
our own little individual sparkling cider bottles. We weekly planned,
and we went to bed. Yep, that was about it. I had no desire to stay
up/wake up at midnight to celebrate. It has been super windy, and
chilly all this week! Right about now I am missing the Vegas whether.
I am such a wimp! I have to keep reminding myself that I know colder

Miracle of the week! We went by this less active member whom I will
call Sister M. We knock on her door, and the lady we talk to says they
just moved in not to long ago. Okay, so we tell her who we are, and
that we were looking for our member, asked her if she had met
missionaries before. Of course she wasn't interested, which is okay,
it is just not her timing yet. We are walking back to our car when
this lady and her dog are walking toward us. She is finishing her
phone call, and her puppy is wanted our attention. I help her by
taking the phone from between her check, and her shoulder because she
doesn't have a free hand. We tell her who we are. She said that she
knows, and that she is a member, and she just moved out of that house
from over there. (She points to the house we just came from). She
introduces herself, and says that she and her husband want to come
back to church! This was the lady we were looking for! Have miracles
ceased? Nay, I tell you!

I hope everyone had a great week! Stay warm out there!
Sister Slattery

I'm telling you, it's freezing here!

My current zone.

I love hot cocoa.

Winter Wonderland out my window.

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