Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 49: Email? Who needs to email?

Note from the Mom:  Just this Sunday I was asked by the Bishop to come to the pulpit and share an update about our missionary.  During this update I talked about this very blog, and how some weeks all I have to put up are pictures, because Sister Slattery isn't much of a writer.  Well lo and behold, this week, no big news filled email.  Each week I send an email telling her about things that are happening at home, changes in our ward, stake and community.  I also send a separate email with just 4 or 5 questions, so that the questions don't get lost in the bulk of my long email.  So this week, the only response I received was to my questions email.  I don't normally share these questions and responses in the blog, but this week, it's all I have, so that is what week 49 is going to be.  Can you believe we are at week 49!  February 4th is her year mark. 

1.  What are you studying right now? 
                               I am in the Isaiah chapters.
2.  Have you been careful driving on snowy, icy roads?  I honestly try not to think about this. :)
                                Yes, I have.  It was pretty much gone by Wednesday.

3.  Have you been able to write thank you cards for any Christmas gifts you got from friends and family?                     I wrote thank you cards to members.

4.  Tell me something that strengthened your testimony this week.
                                 I had to give a training in district meeting about finding joy in living the gospel/ missionary work. I got to use the Infinite Atonement! 


I love you very much Mom! Thank you for the weekly updates! I should be sending out two boxes today.

Black=Sister Slattery

Washing dishes with a little helper.

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