Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 69: Happy Memorial Day

This week was so much better! I can not believe it was the last week
of the transfer. I feel like I just got here. This week feels like it
went by in a blur, and now here I am emailing again.

My mom occasionally will ask me what is the worst thing I have eaten
for a dinner appointment. I never had an answer. Everything is edible,
and I know what I am eating. Now the question of sanitation is
another... This week I finally have an answer for the worst thing I
have eaten on my mission, and possibly my whole life. Before the
sister we were going to eat at said that we would be having pork
chops. Great! I love them... Nope we didn't have that. Instead she
made this German dish. She is explaining how you put the noodles down
first, and you put the sauce over it ( at this point I am think it is
beef stroganoff, which I love, but no.) then you put the meat on top.
There were individual pieces to take. The dish was a cooked dill
pickle with mustard wrapped with a thin steak, and bacon. It was so
gross. I could not even fib, and tell her it was good. I thanked her
that she had us over, and I drank a lot of water with my dinner. The
funny part of it is that her husband does not even like it! I do not
know if they were in a tiff with each other, and she wanted to be
spiteful, so she made this dinner instead, or what. Some times you
just have to go to McDonald's after dinner appointments I guess.

We had housing inspection this Friday morning... and we forgot!  We
were sitting in the kitchen having companionship study when the
doorbell rang. We looked at each other with panic. Now I want you to
know that we are clean people, we just live in our space. And it is
kinda hard to have everything perfect when there is two of you in one
bedroom. We quick ran to our room, and I started to chuck EVERYTHING
into the closet. (Years of last minute "quick mom is home cleaning"
have prepared me for this moment.) Our bathroom had no hope of
redemption. Sister Stephens told me to go answer the door while she
stayed, and did what she could. I go to answer the door, and I stall
the senior couple as long as I could. We walk in, and my companion had
tossed her covers over her bed, but failed to do that to my bed. (side
note, I sleep on the top bunk, and I hate making the bed, so I just
don't). They were so kind when we told them that we forgot that they
were coming, and said they will not write us up if we cleaned. We told
them we would so do that!

Forgot to clean...whoops!

We also went to Columbia River for a baptism for Aamir! (that is not
how you spell her name, but this is the only spelling that I know of
this name). She is Jayden's cousin who got baptized a couple weeks
ago. I got to speak about baptism. It was so wonderful! I love that
family so much!

Another great baptism.

We also got transfer news! Sister Stephens and I are staying together,
and finishing our missions together! I am so grateful that she is
still my companion. I look forward to this last transfer with her.
Wow. My last transfer. I only have six more p days! I am so excited
that I have this time allotted to me to serve God.
Now for the best news.. Sister Mandin is going to be in my district! I
love her so much! My dream would have been to be companions with her
my last transfer, so we could say that I brought her into the field,
and she took me out of the field. However, I am so happy that I get to
serve around her.

Being silly

SIX more P Days!

I love you all, and I hope you have a great week ahead of you!
Sister Slattery

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