Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 68: I have had better weeks.

Well last Monday my companion lost her wallet. After a tough week it
was the icing on the cake. Little did we know that was the beginning
of our trials.

Tuesday was not bad. We did have an awkward dinner with this member.
She took us out to dinner, and her visiting teacher came with. We just
sat there listening to their conversation; thanked her for dinner; and

On Wednesday we left early so we could go get Sister Stephens a new
drivers license. It took less time than what we thought, so we went to
the stake center for district meeting, and waited for everyone to show
up. We are on the floor watching addiction recovery videos when the
door knob jiggles. We shot up so fast! It was our district leader, and
his companion. It was really awkward, but so funny! Our appointments
pretty much fell through the rest of the day. Then we were having
dinner with this less active couple. They could have us over, but it
had to be later. She told us 7:30.  We get there, and dinner is not
even done. We finally sit down at 8 for this lentil soup which was not
the best. It is time to give a spiritual thought, and I go to get my
iPad, and it is not there! I am silently freaking out. So my companion
come over, and while she was grabbing  her iPad I pulled out the phone
to see if we had anything on it. We had a 6 message epistle from our
investigators who were getting baptized on Saturday.   They were
dropping us over text message, and told us to cancel the baptism. Here
we are heart broken, and we still have to be engaged in the dinner
appointment, and give a spiritual thought. We leave, and we go see if
we can find my iPad at the last house we were at. It was not there. I
called the person we were at before that, and she said yes it was
there. Thank heavens! I do not understand why she would not have
contacted us to let us know she had it, but whatever. I knew where it
was. We decided that were were not going to respond to our
investigators. That we would go over to their house the next day, and
see what happened. We were really in a damper mood the rest of the
night, and pretty much all day on Thursday.

On Thursday we left early to go get my iPad, and then we went to the
mission office to trade cars. We got a new 2026 Toyota Corolla, but it
would get stuck, and was having a struggle to get us to some of our
members houses. We go, and we now have a jeep with four wheel drive!
Sister Stephens also picked out her classes for school. At this point
we are back in our area tracting when we get another text from our
investigator asking if we got last nights text message. We decided to
go over then. While we were on our way there I felt like I was on a
death march. I didn't know what their concerns were, I kept over
analyzing if I was a bad missionary, and praying desperately for the
spirit to be with us. We pull up, and they are in their truck. It was
the worst feeling of dread getting out of the car. We talk, and they
said that they were under spiritual attack. Of course! Because Satan
wants them to be miserable! This gospel is true, and brings happiness.
He knows that, and wants to keep as many people away from it as
possible. We testified of the priesthood, and she completely
disregarded it." Yeah, that is what you believe" she said. Ouch. I
just do not understand why they kept meeting with us. They never even
said, hey I have a concern, or anything like that.  (Her husband did
not say one word to us, he just sat in the car, so we just talked to

It hurt so much. We testified of our Savior, of the priesthood power,
and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They paid no heed
to the spirit, and what we had to say. They want to handle this
situation by themselves.
Anyways, there is a lot I am leaving out, but it was such a hard day.

The Morgan's came, and picked up some of my stuff to take home to Las
Vegas. They then we're kind enough to take us to lunch! They are so

Then on Friday we had more investigators drop us. We were so
depressed. Later we decided that our Areabook is just purged. The area
is not going dead. Once we got out to work it was good! It is amazing
what work will do. We even found a new investigator!

Then that night our investigator who wants to be baptized came to a
baptism with us! It was so good!

On Sunday
it dumbed buckets of rain! We watched a mission approved movie
with Sister Baxter, and called it a week!

This week has been the most draining roller coaster spiritually,
emotionally, and mentally of my life. I do not know how to convey to
you all the emotions that I went through, and how challenging this
week has been. It has solidified my testimony of this gospel, the
Savior and is infinite atonement, and the restoration of the

6 Remember thy suffering saints, O our God; and thy servants will
rejoice in thy name forever.

7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine
afflictions shall be but a small moment;

8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou
shalt triumph over all thy foes. D&C 121

Sister Slattery

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