Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 66: Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there! It was wonderful to
see my mom, and family! I can't believe that this was the last time
that I get to skype them before I come home. I never thought this time
would come. It just always seemed so far away.

Weekly planning

Bubbles are always fun.

My week was so good! On Friday we went to the Jonny Miller fireside.
Do you know who he is? I didn't. Apparently he is the Tiger Woods of
the 70's, and is best friends with President Taylor. I did not really
get much out of the fireside, but I got to see my people! I also got
to see Brother and Sister Ball! It was such a surprise! I love them so

4 Generations...Sister Slattery, Sister Mandin, Sister Arbon, Sister Twitchell

I LOVE Sister Ball!
Then on Saturday we had the opportunity to go back to the Columbia River
Ward for Ronny and Jeremiah's baptism! Backstory.... Sister Stephens
taught Debbie (Ronny's wife) when she was serving there. In her
confirmation blessing she was promised she would have an eternal
family. Fast forward to when I was there I got to teach Ronny and
Jeremiah. It was so wonderful to go back and see them!! It was such a
special day. Then later that day we got to speak at this child of
record baptism, then the family took us out to Chinese food.

Baptism Happiness!

On Sunday I got to skype home! At church the young men passed out
tulips to all the women 18 and older, and cards that the primary made.
I love being in the 18 or older club! Then after church the brethren
put together a little luncheon for us. Complete with chocolate

Then today we are hiking Mount St. Helens.  I turned back because I
am trying to not over do it with my back. Lots of time in the car today. Zone bonding time I guess.

Sister Stephens and I with Mt. St. Helens in the background..

Longview Zone P Day Hike

Hope you have a great week!
Sister Slattery

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