Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 70: It's Summer Time!

It is so hot! I feel like I am melting. The car said it was 101
degrees yesterday.

This past week the Hermanas had a service opportunity. A less active
member was moving, and had to be out of the house by the end of the
night. We go down into the basement, and the air just feels funny. It
turns out that the house had flooded awhile ago, and everything was
wet. We work for a little bit, and the Elders said that we should go
get some fresh air. Turns out the more we work the more black mold we
found. Some of the Elders went to the hospital to go get some masks,
and gloves. We went home, showered, and took a nap for lunch.

It is graduation season! Big shout out to my sister Delanie! I love
her so much, and am bummed that I can not be there for her big day.
This week we went over to Bishop Lindsey's house for dinner. It was a
graduation party for his son. It was so fun!

We went tracting Saturday, and we found this awesome tree!
We also got to pet a baby goat.
We also found tree stars!
Sister Stephens gave me a temple tattoo.

That was my week.


Tree Stars!

Massive tree

How cool is this tree?

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