Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 72: Departing Missionary

This week has been an emotional roller coaster. On Monday Sister
Stephens and I got to go to the mission home for a departing dinner
with President and Sister Taylor. President grilled some hamburgers,
and hot dogs for us. There are a lot of Elders going home this
transfer! After dinner we went outside, and we lit lanterns. Mine
burnt. None of the sisters were able to figure it out.  It was super
fun. Sister Hansen, Stephens, and I got to spend the night because it
is to long of a drive back home. President told us to get our pajamas
on, and we had a couch talk with President and Sister Taylor. It was

Departing Sister Missionaries
Sister Slattery, Sister Black, Sister Nielson, Sister Stephens & Sister Hansen

We get up the next morning, and we drive to zone conference. Sister
Stephens and I cleaned the car so good because we wanted to win the
competition, and this was our last time to win. We didn't. That is
okay, that just means that we had a really clean car.
We also had departing interviews with President. Then I got to give my
departing testimony. President and Sister Taylor stood to the side of
the chapel after the closing prayer, and hugged all of us. The closing
prayer was not even done, and all the sisters were crying. It was a
very somber day.

You just never know who you will meet.

Super cool totem pole at a park.

The last town I will live in during my full time mission. 
Massive amounts of potato salad for a Stake BBQ.

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