Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 73: Emotions All Over the Place

We have had a really eventful week. Very busy, and very up and down. Wednesday
 Alexis got baptized! It was wonderful. She does not
really express her emotions, but she is happy! Her school teacher gave
the talk on baptism, and gave her this jar with water that she got out
of the baptismal font as a reminder of her baptismal day. The jump
suits were either big or small, and nothing in between. Poor girl was
drowning in jump suit.

Alexis on her baptism day!

This week I caught a head cold. That has been no fun. Plus I have
experienced my first week of migraines. Over the weekend Sister
Stephens caught it.  Sunday we went to sacrament to see Alexis
confirmed, but went home after because her head was going to split in

The super cool Jeep we drive, so we don't get stuck in the boonies.
You know your mission is coming to an end when the milk expires after you are supposed to return home.

Saturday morning we got a message from the zone leaders who forwarded
out a message from the assistance to the president about Elder
Lambert. Saying that he had passed away the night before. It was
shocking to say the least. It was a very somber day. We went out to
get ice cream with the other sisters because we needed it. We shared
our favorite Elder Lambert stories. It still does not feel real. He is
everybody's pocket size grandpa to go, and now he is gone. Then later
that day we had to teach the plan of salvation. That was tough. If
anything, this has strengthened my testimony of the plan that our
loving Heavenly Father has for us. Families are forever!
"Eternal principles are not ideal words"- Sister Lambert

Ice cream and stories about Elder Lambert.

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