Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 8: Adventures of a new missionary!

Well let me start off with a funny story that happened last night. My companion and I are in the family history library at the church. We are doing online training and other things when we hear this alarm going off in the building. The lights were off and we are in this room, unknowing what was happening outside. The library is a room where you have to have a key to get in, so we were safe. We thought someone was in the building though, so we turned out the lights and I pulled out my pepper spray. We called TWO ward members and they for the lack of a better term, were taking their sweet time or didn't even care that we were in the church with this alarm going off. Anyway... We heard the other ward's sisters in the hallway and so we opened the door. We ended up all in the library. The other sisters called their Bishop and he came down. Bahaha guess what it was??? It was the smoke alarm battery that gave out. How silly we were! I am still laughing. At the time though, I was really concerned! 

We have these two miracle investigators that are on date for baptism!!!! They kept asking how to be a part of the church, they keep their commitments, plus they want to watch general conference! They picked their date at the end of April. Miracles really do happen. "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." I am so excited for these ladies. My heart is full of love and peace. When my companion and I have a rough time with other people we just remind ourselves of these two ladies. They truly are wonderful people. 

I did not get transferred, neither did my companion. I feel like time has gone by so fast! (knock on wood) I look back and see where I was, to where I am now, and it is just mind blowing. I still have a long ways to go! 

I find joy passing out stickers to kids. Haha I think it will be my thing now. Plus putting stickers in my journal and writing in different colors (Thank you Yvonne!) makes me happy. 

I love and miss you all!

Sister Slattery 
Easter treats!

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