Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 6: March 9-16 2015

Hello everyone!

 I witnessed a miracle. Sister Forsyth and I were walking on our way to
meet with some elderly members, when she felt like she needed to knock
on a particular door, so that is what we did. It was the only door we
knocked on that day. Guess what.... She said we could come back! When
we come again the girl's mom joins us and we start getting to know
them. It is so apparent that these two women have been prepared to
hear the gospel. They have had prayers answered, they have had
personal experiences happen, and they are both perceptive to the
spirit. Let me tell you. Their side of the story when we came and
knocked was so mind blowing. They told us normally they would close
the door on people like us, but the girl felt like she needed to
listen to what we had to say. She was so surprised at herself that she
listened, and didn't close the door. I am so excited to see this
family grow.

Later that day we were in the car waiting our turn at the stop sign
when this car is backing up out of its parking spot right into us!
Luckily the old man saw us in time. Lucky the car didn't get hit. And
the old man was going slow enough not to do any damage if he was to
hit us. We made it out untouched though! Haha.

I finally used my umbrella. It rained for a good day and a half.

I got to go the the temple.... Okay I forgot when, but I went. It was
so nice and a member drove us and after we went to Olive Garden for

I can not believe another week has gone by so fast...

I love you all,
Sister Slattery

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