Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 5: 2nd Week in the Field

Hello everyone!

 Well things are great. I feel much more relaxed now that I am in a
routine. My trainer is great, she kinda reminds me of Delanie... So
nothing I can't handle haha. She is great though.

One thing that is super annoying is the ants! Ants are in the kitchen,
and everywhere else, but mainly in the kitchen. I pray to Heavenly
Father that they will die. Or at least stay out of my food. I had to
throw away a whole box of life cereal after eating one bowel of it.
There was ants in my cereal! And I was not going to eat that. The
people who own the apartments I guess are not spraying for ants even
though everyone is having problems with ants. We did get some ant
poison from a member and that seems to distract the ants from the

This one less active lady we meet with likes to knit and so that is
how we connect with her. We give a lesson and she teaches us to knit,
but I am no good so I asked if I could crochet. I love it. What a
wonderful way for me to spend my down time and relax. I am making a

Today's adventures took me on a hike and to the beach. There was so
many trees! I was half expecting I would see a vampire or a werewolf
haha jk; but that would have been cool. It is so cold! Oh my goodness.
Plus just so all y'all know I am writing this email in the car on our
way back. I have got nothing done that I needed to get done. Plus we
may or may not have a meeting at 6. So... There goes my p-day. I have
not had the chance to email mom. We stopped at a church and I was able
to send some emails out, but not the important ones. My iPad won't let
me send to my big group contacts, so hopefully I will be able to get
to a real computer.

I have yet to use my umbrella. The mornings are cold, but it warms up
throughout the day. I have decided that the green growth on EVERYTHING
is really gross. However I still love green. Side note- talking about
nature- yesterday there was three deer on the side of the road! I was
so excited to see them. My companion thought I was silly haha.

I have yet had fish for dinner thank heavens (knock on wood). We get a
lot of pasta which is good, it keeps me going. Nothing compares to my
momma's cooking though. We went out to eat to celebrate my comps 9
months. We went to burgerville and got a -you guessed- it a burger,
and a shake. We also went to this Mexican restaurant.. It was okay for
a little down dine in. I miss cooking though. I don't have a lot of
time to cook.

Days feel like weeks and weeks feels like days. I keep hoping that one
day soon I will wake up and all this time will have passed by. I of
course will enjoy each day, and live in the moment. I have lots of
work to do.

With love,
Sister Slattery

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