Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 38: I'm going to be a Grandma....

Well we got transfer letters this week! Sister Mandin will be
training, and I will be up in the Mountain View Ward in Vancouver. My
new companion will be Sister Jacobs.

Yep I am super boring, and do not know what to write. Please refer to
 Sister Mandin's email about all the things this week.

 Love to all,
Sister Slattery

Hello everyone....a side note from me, THE MOM!  The rest of this blog post, minus the pictures, is Sister Mandin's letter home this week.  A huge thank you to Sister Tess Mandin for graciously sharing her daughters' letter with me, and all of you readers.  What I am going to do with my Sister Slattery!  Now that she has been transferred I sure hope she "remembers" a few things to write home about. 

I'm having a baby!

That's missionary speak for IM TRAINING!!!!! I'm kind of freaking out
not gonna lie. Sister Slattery is being transferred up to the land of
no return (Washington) and were bummed and pumped. Bumped.

This week was pretty rough AAALLL THE DOORS WERE SLAMMED. But that's
okay rough weeks are actually the best. The other day we were tracting
and nobody was home. #classic. The last door we knocked on answered
though! Her name is Erika and she's golden! We had our first lesson
with her the next day and it went great! She's so sweet I lover man!
The day after her and her husband wanted a church tour. We got
everything all ready then her youngest got really sick. #classic. She
sent us about fifty text messages telling us how sorry she was so we
think she's pretty sincere.

Yesterday was Christmas! I bought the closest thing I could find to
hockey socks for everyone and Santa got us pumpkins to carve. Twas a

I also had my first crazy yelling lady of the transfer. We were
tracting in this little neighborhood and when we got there this lady
busted out of her house screaming and swearing into her neighbors
window. By the time we got to her house she was still screaming and
swearing but into the phone this time. We decided it was best not to
bother her and to come back later. When we were going back to the car
she busted out of her house AGAIN but this time she was screaming at

"HEEEEEEEEYY!!" She yelled


*facepalm. We turned around to go and talk to her but she yelled at us
to go away. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! It was a lose lose situation. It made
me laugh though people are hilarious.

I can't remember what else happened this week probably because of
transfer brain. I'm excited for my new trainee I can't wait to tell
you all about her!!

 Sister Mandin

Sister Mandin, Sister Stromness, Sister Kroener, Sister Slattery

Christmas morning, in October.

Sister Mandin getting some use out of her umbrella.

We carved pumpkins.

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