Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 35: What Happened This Week?

So much has happened this week!

Linda our investigator who was on date for baptism for the 10th will
not be getting baptized then.  She is still planning on it though! She
was totally cool about having to set the date back, and that just
means she will be more prepared for when she does get baptized.

Sister Koener (STL who lives with us) is dying at the end of this
transfer, and wanted to celebrate one more Christmas on her mission
before she went home. She has decided to combine Halloween and
Christmas! Our apartment has paper snow flakes for a Christmas count
down, we even have a little Christmas tree with some presents
underneath. Merry Halloween everybody!

For p day plans today we went with Sister Bangerter to the Twilight
prom house. It burned down a couple years ago. It was creepy looking,
but I can now check that off the bucket list. We then went to Multnomah
 Falls where we ran into Sister and President Taylor! They took some
 Sisters there for p day. It was great! It was kinda odd seeing
 President in something other than a suit.

We got to watch General conference! How exciting! The Tongans had this
big lunch spread for all the missionaries at the stake center both
days. It was good food. I really enjoyed Larry Lawrence's talk. It was
by far my favorite.

The STL's go on exchanges a lot, so we get to know the sisters really
well. This past week Sister LeDoux (my greenie buster) came to my
house! I was so excited! Remember how back in St. Helens, Sister LeDoux and I
had a star confetti war? The war has continued! I open the door to our
apartment, and there is this trail of confetti leading from the door
all the way to my bed which is covered completely with confetti. It
was everywhere! From the bed to the bathroom even to the refrigerator.
Our vacuum decided to stop working, so we had to get a new one. Plus
on top of this we were having house inspections a few days later.
Luckily we got it cleaned up best we can. I will forever continue to
find confetti forever.

Well I think that is all the highlights of my week. Hope all is well at home.
Miss you all!

Sister Slattery

Sister Mandin, finding her balance.

President and Sister Taylor at Multnomah Falls

Sister Taylor sneaking into our picture!

Checking another landmark off the list.

Kind of sad looking now.

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