Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 36: Random Stuff That Happened This Week.

This week we rescued a dog. We were driving by, and we see this dog,
and it was all gimpy. We pulled over, and we thought that it would be
a good excuse to knock on people's doors. It kinda worked.. The first
door we knocked on was the dog's home. We learned that the dog was
born gimp, so he was okay.

After that we went to a potential's house. He was not interested, but
he had a friend from out of town that wanted to talk with us. He was
more knowledgeable than we were, and was bashing. He was polite about
it. That is the worst. I would rather they be mean, and yell at me
than being nice about it. We bore testimony, and we got out of there.
I knew something was wrong with Sister Mandin. She got real quiet, and
I could tell that she was holding in her tears. We got to the car, and
we had a good talk. All is well now.

I bought some rain boots finally! My calf muscles are just so buff
that normal rain boots do not fit. During lunch hour we went to Wal
mart, and they had ankle rain boots! Sister Mandin had to get a pair
too. Haha we matched, and got a lot of comments about it. It is
definitely fall here now. We went preaching in the rain! I love using
my umbrella.

There was also stake conference this weekend. We met Beau and Teresa
Larsen. He is Sister Mandin's dad's old mission companion, and Teresa is
Lisa Ellsworth's twin. What a small world! It was great meeting them.

We also got to teach a lesson to a messianic Jew couple. They were so
nice! We did a lot of finding this week, so hopefully it will pay off
in the weeks to come.

I am sure there is plenty more that happened this week. Having fun
playing games with my zone today. Also went to the Halloween store
today just to look around.

Love and miss you all!
Sister Slattery

Gimpy the Dog.

Rain boots!
Oh Sister Mandin!

Halloween store fun.

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