Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 55: Straight Skinny

Okay before I tell my story let me preface this. "Give me the skinny"
is a saying that means to tell the truth. I did not know that. Nor
have I heard of such a saying.

Bother Mueller, our ward mission leader is such a father figure.
Everyone, thinks he is funny, stubborn German, I am your father
first, friend second kind of guy. He also has a tender side to him. I
love seeing him interact with his wife, children, and grandchildren. I
feel like I have molded into their family I love them so much. On
Friday he sends us a message asking how I and Sister Chance are doing
( We had a rough day before). He says "How are you doing? Give me the
straight skinny." ...Um... what? The way I read that I thought he was
trying to be a gangster or something. Silly Bother Mueller. I respond
with "We do not know if that was meant for your wife, Sister Chance
because she is skinny, or me Sister Slattery because I am a babe."
Then we precede to tell him how we were doing. We then get a second
text message which reads " The skinny is a term used on and tell the
truth by that old." What in the world is he talking about? We decided
to call him because this whole texting thing was not working out. Then
he answers the phone "Hello, this is the not so skinny Brother
Mueller." Lol it was pretty funny. He explained that he was driving,
and trying to speak to his phone to type out a text message. He
explained to us what he was trying to say. Haha It was just pretty

My back is doing so much better! We had to help the elders move out
some people from their ward. I will not go into any details, but I
will just tell you it was gross. Silly elders had to do a box weight
check before they would let me carry anything. It was funny the way
they would call Sister after me.

Yesterday we went over to have dinner at the Mangum family's home. We
go, and there is this guy vacuuming their carpet. He was selling Kirby
vacuums. After awhile he started talking about religion. The short
story is we taught him the Restoration. We gave him a copy of the Book
of Mormon, and some pamphlets. Haha he told us we made him want to go
to church. He said that he would look into it. It is just interesting
to think that I will never know what will be the result of talking to
that guy. Then that makes me think of my story, and how missionary
work has affected my life.

Later today Wanda and Latisha are coming to see me!! I am so excited!
I love them so very much.  They hold a special place in my heart. I
can not believe that it was almost been a year since they were
baptized. It is interesting looking back on my memory of where I was a
year ago. Who I was with, the problems that were in front of me, you
know things like that. Now it is almost the end of February.

Well, I can not think of anything else super important to tell you
about. Hope everyone had a really great week! Love you all, and until
next time.

Sister Slattery

So happy to have lunch with Wanda and Latisha

In the parking lot...

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