Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 54: Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone was able to spend it with loved
ones. We spent the evening with the Mueller Family. It was so much
fun! Afterwards we had a hot date with Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Those guys always come through for me.

So this week has been interesting.. Let me preface this with the fact
that I have had back problems since before my mission. It has been
acting up as of late, and I have no idea what I did to it in the
first place to make it start hurting again. The following is my
journal entry from Friday.

It all started Tuesday wen we went over to a member's house to help
her out with painting, and dishes. I do not mind doing dishes, so I
did that while Sister Chance painted. I may have been on my feet for
an hour and a half. Popping my head in the other room to be part of
the conversation,  and doing the dishes. It took me longer than it
probably should have. It hurt to stand there in one place, so I was
shifting my weight back and forth. The whole rest of the day I was in
pain. I later got another blessing from the district leader. He was
very persistent. By the end I am just crying, with my head in hands
not wanting to look up because there was 4 elders, and I did not want
them to see my face. It was embarrassing.

Then today we get this crazy last minute call from the mission office
saying we have a referral from the Portland, Oregon mission. This less
active member was moving into our ward, and was going to be there in
15 minutes. We could not ask our ward members or even other
missionaries to drop whatever they were doing to help us out in 15
minutes. That is just plain rude. We called Bother Mueller our ward
missions leader, and told him the situation. He told me not to do
anything to hurt my back. Yeah, okay Brother Mueller. We go, and I may
or may not have hefted a large couch. By the time Brother Mueller and
another brother came we were done unloading the truck. We had a
conversation about my back. They told me to contact mission nurse,
(Which I was supposed to anyway today). And this brother in our ward.
-Advantage of being in a ward when everyone is a chiropractor!

We went over and it was approved by the mission nurse, so I did not
feel bad about it. He had me all lined up to pop me back into place
before he did some deep tissue stuff. He poked me, and it brought me
to tears. I jumped so high, and was squirming all over the place. It
was awful. Let's just say I have a clear understanding of what the
scriptures mean when it talks about wailing, and gnashing of teeth. I
feel like jello now. All of my muscles keep shaking because they are
in that much shock.

Also today Sister Chance let me sleep for 2 hours during weekly
planning. I love her. I felt so bad! She told me that if she wanted me
to do work she would have woken me up. I am so grateful that she is so

Okay, so fast forward a little bit. Yesterday we had a broadcast from
Salt Lake. That was really good, but a struggle to hear. The volume
was not very good. Plus I got to sit in the metal chairs. That hurt so
bad! Good old Brother Mueller asked if I was okay. I simply replied
yes. He chuckled at me.

I went to the doctor's office, who happens to be the Stake President.
He gave me more stretches to do. He also gave me some stronger
medicine to take before bed. I hate going to the doctor's office.

Shout out to my district leader! He gave me all of his extra ice packs
at their apartment, and brought me a pack of Gatorade. He made the
rule of no more dishes, and if Sister Chance sees me carrying more
than my iPad, and a bottle of Gatorade she is to call him immediately.
Best district leader ever!

That is my life right now.

My new man?  Again people here have the strangest things in their yards!

Valentines Day Lips

Fashion divas

Ice packs and gatorade

My mailbox is empty!  When was the last time your wrote your favorite missionary?

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