Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 26: I'm having a baby!

This is missionary slang for training a new missionary. Just so you
know I'm not really having a real baby. #apostate I am going from
being a murderer to a mother. Wow talk about the two ends of a
I don't know who she is yet. I will go to the mission office on
Wednesday to go get her. Today I only get a few hours with Sister
Depew. Then after that I will be the Kelly Creek sisters for tonight,
and all day tomorrow. That will be so much fun! All week it has been
hard to stay motivated. Talking about plans, and home for Sister Depew
ect., and I do not like changing companions. Just the unknown of who I
will be with kinda still scares me. Well Sister Depew does not cry,
and I have been really good about not crying. In fact I am kinda
jealous that she gets to go home. I am excited for her! Well today we
started companionship study, and I said the prayer, and I cried. I was
totally fine until I prayed.

This week has been an adventure! Let me preface this story with that a
couple of weeks ago we were heart attacking some members. We did that,
and the same members we heart attacked, Sister Depew wanted to say
goodbye to, so we go over, and knock. Then we knock again. Well then
this lady who we do not know is above us on her balcony, and asks how
she can help us. We had the wrong house haha! She then asked us if we
were the ones who left the hearts. Uhhh yep that was us! Haha she was
cool about it. Seriously always awkward stuff happens to us. Do not
worry we then looked in the ward directory, and found the right

I will send a video of when Depew was packing, and the other two
sisters were playing with the suitcase. Haha one bloody nose later...

We made music videos while we were driving this week. Haha super fun.

I love you all!
Sister Slattery
Makin' Jam!

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