Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 58: Random things that have happened

Okay, so the weather is bipolar. It just depends on what cloud you are
under. We got soaked walking to the car, and by the time we get there
it is not raining at all.

We had stake conference. I saw some of my Columbia people! I also got
to see Brother and Sister Morgan. Lisa Ellsworth's parents. I met them
before my mission, and I have been keeping my eye out for them since.
Sister Morgan came up to me explain who she was, and then Bree was
there too! ( She is Sister Morgan's granddaughter, and I went to high
school with her). We made plans to get together for dinner one night.
Super excited to see them!! The world is so small.

Sister Morgan & Bree

This grandma lady ran into a tree at the church parking lot, and broke
it in half. She is okay! The tree and her car, not so much..

Elder and Sister Bunderson took us out to lunch one day. That was
super kind. They are really nice people.

Lunch with Elder & Sister Bunderson
(Sister Bunderson is the mission nurse)

Then today!!! Sister De Leon Gomez wanted to go shopping, and I told
myself that I would be really good, and not buy anything.. Biggest lie
I have told myself. I found overalls! I have been looking forever for
overalls! I love them so much!


Yep, and all our appointments fell through this week.. So yeah.

I got the option of coming home in July, and I took it! Time is going
by so fast.

Love you all, and I hope you have a great week

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