Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 23: Sacrifice

Well friends, it was one of those less than enjoyable weeks. We are
finding a lot, and no one seems to want to listen. Yesterday, we
knocked on this one house, and we introduce ourselves, and he tells us
to "keep moving, he's Jewish" and quickly closes the door in our
faces. While he is doing this he snapped at us in a 'get out of here
motion'. Oh boy the Shelbylyn was almost unleashed! That is the first
time someone snapped at me. I think in that instant all I could do was
be polite, then once I turned my back I had some negative thoughts.
All is well though! Christ, prophets, and apostles have suffered much
more than what I have. I need not complain. My venting tangent is over

We had a zone companion study with President Taylor this week. The
topic we discussed was sacrifice. We read the talk sacrifice by Elder
Oaks from the April 2012 general conference. Basically what I got out
of this meeting with President: my sacrifice is a sacrifice, but
comparatively, not a big one. Plus I will be overly compensated for my
sacrifice. I am sacrificing my family, my time, my everything to serve
the Savior. It is a small thing I give. I am in debt to my Heavenly
Father. I was born in the gospel, I have a good family, I know simple
truths that many do not know. God has given me so much. I can
sacrifice 18 months of my life to strengthen His kingdom. I think of
the scripture D&C 82:3 much is given, much is required. I have been
given the gospel. I want to share what I know to be true. Why would I
want to do that? Because of the great joy, and peace I have in this
life because of it.

To those who read this, know this. I love God. I am proud to be His
missionary. I would not subject myself to this lifestyle if this
gospel was not true. If I did not know it was true, I would have gone
home months ago. I will sacrifice with a willing, and loving heart. I
desire to share this true gospel with those who have desires to come
closer to Christ. I just pray my shortcomings will not hinder this
great work to which I am called to do. People ask all the time why do
I do this? Because it is true, and because God prompted me to do so.
It is my testimony that Jesus Christ lives. I know this is His work
that I am doing. He loves us! God loves us! They are so aware of each
of us, and our personal circumstances. The gospel that Christ taught
himself is in fact upon the earth once more. I say these things in the
name of my Savior, and Redeemer Jesus Christ amen.

The only real mail for this week.
Got my hair cut off.
I cooked a real dinner.

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