Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 22: It's a small world after all.

Okay so this week I found out that a member in my last area, his mom
works at this old people home next to the church building. We went
there to see if we could volunteer there. She came out, and started
talking to us, and asked us how long we have been out, and I told her
that I was in St. Helens. She told us that her son lives out there.
Well turns out that it just so happens that her son is the one who
made sure that the missionaries did the hula hoop contest at the ward
Luau. It was nice talking with her for a little. Then later in the
week I was talking to Sister Olsen, and I found out that her cousin
was my friend in middle school. Yep the one and only Brianna Bell.
Haha crazy right? And then... So let me preface this. The first day I
got here I met Brother and Sister Nordstrom. That name sounded
familiar, but I couldn't put a face to the name. Well fast forward to
when we went over for dinner the other night. They had their
granddaughter's senior announcement out. I looked at it, and I
recognized her! I was like I know this girl! Brianna Nordstrom from
Las Vegas. Yep that's the one. Then I asked if they knew the
Ellsworth's. They said yep they sure did, and showed me a picture of
them at the temple from a couple of weeks ago. Aww it really is a
small world especially if you are Mormon, just saying.

Happy Fourth everyone! It was hot here. We didn't have any set
appointments that day, so we were out knocking on doors. Which was
kinda silly because everyone was gone. After dinner we just stayed in,
and did some planning because by then everyone was enjoying their
festivities. Then we went with the other sisters that we live with to
their ward block party. We had permission to stay out, as long as it
was with members, and we texted the zone leaders when we were home
safe. We had until 11:30, but we came home at 10:30. Boy yesterday was
a struggle! I took a lunch nap. I love bedtimes. I do not think I
would have ever said that in my life, but I did.

Haha okay side tangent.. I have gotten so tan that people are starting
to ask me what nationality I am. I mean seriously? I am not even that
dark. I just tan easy. I tell people white. They look at me with this
oh expression on their face haha kinda funny.

This was a good week. We are out working hard. I know the area a
little bit better. Which makes me feel better. I am in need of some
light summer tops though. The struggle. It's real. I would much rather
have the dry heat of Vegas compared to the humid heat of Oregon. It's
kinda hard to look happy about the gospel when you are all sweating.
Just saying. I keep having to remind myself that I do not sweat, I
glow. People are always amazed that we are out in the heat. Then they
tell us not to work to hard. No, I can not do that! That would mean
people wouldn't have the opportunity to hear this great message I have
to share. Oh how I miss the rain!

I love you all! Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them.
Sister Slattery

The Nordstroms
Are we not just so cute!

Silly Sister Olsen


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