Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 3: In the field

Hello everyone!
What a crazy week it has been. I am in St. Helens Oregon 1st ward. 
My companion is Sister Forsyth and she is great! We live in an apartment ( I assumed I would be living at member's home because I heard that most missionaries do.)
Sadly when I got off the air plane the was no President and Sister Taylor. They were both in Salt Lake for an I pad meeting, so instead one of his councilors and his wife was there to greet us. Don't ask for their names I totally forgot. That meant that I would not stay at the mission home that night; so I got my companion and off we went!
She let me unpack a little then it was off to work. We served dinner at this church, and I guess we do this every week which will be fun. They made salmon that night, so it didn't smell very good... Then I can't remember all we did, but the day was over at 1030. And What a long day it was! I woke up at 215 just to get to the airport. Luckily I slept the whole way on the plane. I got to call home and that was great! It was amazing to hear from my family, and know that they still exist haha. Anyway that night I had a break down. I was tired, and missing my district from the MTC, and my brain was just scattered. My poor companion told me it was okay to cry, and she gave me a hug. Then I went to sleep. 630 came way to soon.

The next few days were just as crazy. We had an extra companion because her companion hadn't gotten there yet. Anyway, so it was us three. And we knew that we needed to go pick up this new companion, but we didn't know what time. Well at 905 the zone leaders I think, sent a text message saying that we knew we needed to be in Vancouver at 10. They thought we knew that! So we didn't do any planning that day and so the day was crazy and frantic. 
I love personal study, taking a shower and bed time. That is just where I am on this whole mission adventure. I get to be with my own thoughts (which can be dangerous when I let my mind wonder.) But when I sleep I dream and escape from  the craziness from the day.

Yesterday was Sunday! I was so glad to be at church. Lots of faces and names that I need to learn. I guess I had this expectation that they would ask me to stand and recognize that I was new. I was also anticipating they were going to ask me to bear my testimony, but nope. In that moment I truly was offended. I was thinking 'oh I see how this ward is.' Anyway, I missed Aylssa A LOT such a sweet spirit about that girl that I was missing in my Sunday. So I just go about my Sunday as best I can. Then in the third hour we were all together, and then they had me introduce myself, so all was right in the world haha.
 We finally did some planning!! What a difference from not having a plan to having a plan and knowing what we are teaching haha.

And Then It is P-day! Emailing back and forth with my mom is so much fun. To hear from home is great. Sorry if I don't respond to your emails, I don't have a lot of time, but know that I read them and thinking about you. I plan to go grocery shopping and I guess we are going biking. Then I get to stay at the mission home tonight because I didn't get to the first night. I am looking forward to that.

I love and miss you all! 
Sister Slattery
Sister Forsyth &  Sister  Slattery

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  1. Sister Slattery,
    So good to hear you made it safe in the Northwest. The ward you are in now is My sisters Ward. Their last name is Durant. Wonderful family. Glad you are having fun.

    Love Aubrey Southworth