Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 2: First Letter Home

Hello everyone!
 I just want to say I miss and love you all. Life here at the MTC is most definitely spiritual prison. It just doesn't end. The days go by fast, but at the same time they go by slow. The nights definitely go by to fast. I feel like I close my eyes and then next thing I know I have to get up again. Getting ready for the day is kinda challenging. I have to time myself in the shower, otherwise I would miss breakfast. Plus I share a room with five other sisters. Sister Chance ad Sister Hayes  are my companions and we share a room with another trio of sisters; so we are trying not to be in each other's way. 
It has been tough learning to be with my companions 24/7.  I miss being able to just wander off by myself. With that being said, my companions are great. They have taught me so much. Like having more charity and Christ like attributes towards others.
My district is great. We are growing together as missionaries, and we sure do love each other. Sorry I don't have pictures. I am not very good at being diligent about taking them. I love that at each meal the Elders take the Sister's trays, so that we don't have to. 
So much has happened as the first week is coming to an end. This morning I went to the temple. It of course was beautiful. I just want to have all these beautiful chandeliers and put them in my house. 
Anyway, I don't really know what to write.I am learning a lot though! 
I have not tried the orange juice yet, but it comes out of the machine, so that is a sign that is won't be good, and I most likely won't try it. 
 Until next time...
Sister Slattery

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